Three-ton Solid Wood Bathtub

Is it possible to make a solid wood bathtub out of one three-ton mass of wood, without any glue or epoxy – and can it be done sustainably? The answer is uncovered in an article written by Bill Esler of Woodworking Network on August 7.

Three-ton Solid Wood Bathtub one of the latest wood innovations
Three-ton Solid Wood Bathtub | Photo via Woodworking Network

Timber Neutral fashioned this three-ton solid wood bathtub, along with other wood tubs, for Amelie & Max, a retailer in Toronto. “The goal was to make a 100% natural object and a reflection of the organic nature of wood and true to the spirit of the tree,” said Fiona French of Timber Neutral.

Timber Neutral states that there is something within the fiber of wood that no other material can capture – the vitality and uniqueness of an organic object. The tubs are said to be the fusion of high-tech craftsmanship and the originality and form of solid wood.

Each tub is made from a solid, single 6,600-pound block of wood that has been painstakingly carved down to create a two-person tub. Each tub is unlike any other, and is sold at retail cost of $34,000 at Amelie & Max.

Harvested in Columbian forests, the trees must be very large to produce such a large block of wood, so Timber Neutral goes to lengths to make the case that the harvesting is sustainable. Each tub is given an individual identification, bearing the personalized name of a tree, reflecting both the personality of the bath and its exotic origin.

While Timber Neutral has no plans to continue making these massive wood tubs, a few of the limited collection are available in North America and sold exclusively through

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Source: Woodworking Network

White Kitchens and Wooden Surfaces

White Kitchens and wooden surfaces have stood the test of time. The timeless appeal of this combination creates a space that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. White kitchens have been the most popular for over 20 years and continue to be the most commonly installed cabinet color. But did you know there are over 1,000 shades of white to choose from? This blog post highlights some of our favorites of white kitchens.

White Kitchens with Wooden Surfaces

White Kitchens with Sapele Mahogany Wood Countertops
White Kitchen with Sapele Mahogany Wood Countertops

In 2007, this kitchen served as a backdrop for a skit on the television show Saturday Night Live. The countertops are crafted of Sapele Mahogany wood and sealed in our Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish.

White Cabinets and African Mahogany Wood Tops
White Cabinets and African Mahogany Wood Tops. Photography by Jim Graham.

In 2009, Waterbury Kitchens designed this kitchen to include white cabinets and African Mahogany Wood Countertops.

White Kitchens with Walnut Wood Countertops
White Kitchen with Walnut Wood Countertops

In 2012, Mick De Giulio designed this space for House Beautiful Magazine’s Kitchen of the Year. The white cabinetry is paired with two Walnut Wood Countertops sealed with our Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish in Satin sheen.

White Kitchens with Walnut Wood Countertop
White Cabinets with Walnut Wood Countertop

In 2013, Auer Kitchens designed this white kitchen to include a Walnut Wood Countertop sealed with Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish in Matte sheen.

White Kitchens with Distressed Wood Countertops
White Kitchen with Distressed Sapele Mahogany Countertop

In 2014, Wood-Mode, Inc. incorporated a distressed Sapele Mahogany Wood Countertop into the bar area of this white kitchen.

White Cabinetry with Walnut Wood Countertop
White Cabinetry with Walnut Wood Countertop

In 2015, Sarah Kahn Turner of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen and Bath designed this white kitchen with a large Walnut Wood Countertop for the kitchen island.

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