2021 Wet Bar Design Trends

The beauty of wet bars is that they can be designed for nearly any part of your home. Is there a corner of the house that is not being used, a hallway between the kitchen and dining room, or perhaps an open area of your basement? A wet bar is the perfect solution and can be explained as a galley kitchen that meets a bar.

2021 Wet Bar Design Trends with a Wood Countertop

Most wet bar designs include necessities such as a countertop, cabinetry, sink, faucet, and under counter appliances, with the intention of serving family and friends alike. For inspiration, we gathered our top four 2021 wet bar design trends.

Trend 1: White Cabinetry with Dark Wood Top

White Cabinetry with Dark Wood Top Wet Bar Design Trend

A timeless, yet modern take on white cabinetry, Jesse Jarrett of Jarrett Design LLC designed this wet bar. The upper cabinets make the space feel open with glass front doors. Atop the lower cabinets is a Peruvian Walnut wood countertop. Aesthetically, the wood top complements the wood flooring. Functionally, the top creates the perfect surface to fix up a drink.  Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish in Satin sheen ensures the top will remain safe from red wine stains and spills.

Trend 2: Open Shelves and a Waterfall Wood Top

Wet Bar with Open Shelves and a Waterfall Wood Top

Open glass shelves, a mirror backsplash, and sleek white cabinets create this glamorous wet bar design by Bob Ostrowski of Allikristé Custom Cabinetry & Kitchen Design. Providing both functionality and beauty, the Walnut with Sapwood butcher block Pastore waterfall top frames the cabinets. The most luxurious part of this design? Without question, the glass wall wine rack, of course.

Trend 3: Glass Front Cabinet Doors and Stained Wood Top

Wet Bar with Glass Front Cabinet Doors and Stained Wood Top
Josh Goetz Photography

Ellen Lopez of El Design Studio created this beautiful wet bar for a coastal style home. Your eye naturally follows this design from left to right, beginning with the tall wine refrigerator. Glass front cabinet doors showcase the glass shelving and fine glassware inside. A Figured Maple wood counter grounds this design, personalized by a custom stain application that enhances the woods splendor.

Trend 4: Colorful Cabinets and Anvil™ Metal Finished Wood Top

Wet Bar with Colorful Cabinets and Anvil™ Metal Finished Wood Top

Gloss blue cabinets with under counter appliances were designed by Matthew Quinn for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2016. This design set the trend for gloss cabinets AND colorful cabinets alike used for wet bars in the years to come.  Another trend set with this design is the use of metal finished wood countertops. The White Oak Rift Sawn wood countertop is coated with Grothouse exclusive Anvil™ Metal Finish in the color Argentum. The application of the metal finish was done in such a way to show the wood grain.

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Sapele Mahogany Kitchen Island Counter designed by Darcy Niland

A Sapele Mahogany Kitchen Island Counter designed by Darcy Niland of Darcy Niland Design for a new kitchen. Darcy stated, “Packed full of charm to match the original house, this kitchen took months of planning and was worth every minute of it.”

Sapele Mahogany Kitchen Island Counter designed by Darcy Niland
Photography by Carrie Niland

About the Designer

Darcy Niland is a native of northwestern Pennsylvania, proud Penn State graduate with a background in real estate finance.  She lives in Fayetteville, New York with her husband and three children.  Darcy discovered her passion for design while remodeling the Niland Family’s current home and lake house properties.  She spent months poring over design ideas, researching layouts, and sourcing materials which eventually led to the sketching of initial design layouts and meticulously overseeing the construction process to make sure every detail came to life.  It was the love of seeing a space with potential and watching it transform that led to the start of Darcy Niland Design.

Darcy Niland Design
Darcy Niland of Darcy Niland Design

Darcy Niland Design works with clients on projects of all budgets and sizes, commercial and residential, with a focus on layout and function of a space.  She brings the same passion and attention to detail to her clients’ projects as she does her own, actively collaborating while offering counsel and guidance in order to create beautifully designed spaces to fit each client’s individual style and needs.

Designer Tip

In the case of this project, the client felt very strongly about incorporating a wood countertop as a design element but often felt unsure of her decision.  I try to help the client focus on the details that are important to them at the start of the project and help them to navigate through the decision process while keeping the overall design in mind.  While going the more traditional route and carrying the quartz countertops throughout the kitchen would have simplified the process, we decided to focus on the wood countertop and make that the focal point of the design which truly elevated the space and gave the client the warmth she was looking for.

Traditional Kitchen Design with a Wood Counter for the Kitchen Island
Photography by Carrie Niland


Design Details

Contractor: DeBlois Renovate & Remodel

Cabinet Manufacturer: Showplace CabinetsKitchen Express

Cabinet Hardware: Assorted

Flooring: Oak

Wood Countertop: Grothouse Flat Grain Sapele Mahogany Counter Distressed to Level 2 with Hand Rubbed Black Glaze and finished with Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish in satin sheen

Complimentary Countertops: Calacatta Arno

Faucet: Moen Weymouth

Sink: Signature Hardware

Backsplash: Atlas Canyons Cobblestone

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC-81

Stove: GE Café

Dishwasher: Bosch

Other Appliances: Fisher & Paykel Integrated Panel Ready Refrigerator

Kitchen Island Counter made of Sapele Mahogany for a Traditional Kitchen
Photography by Carrie Niland

Follow @darcynilanddesign on Instagram to see more of her beautiful designs! Visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library to see more designs with Sapele Mahogany Kitchen Island Counters.

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All Heartwood Walnut Half Pastore Top designed by Margaret Dean, NKBA

A beautiful kitchen in Rancho Peñasquitos, California features an All Heartwood Walnut Half Pastore Top designed by Margaret Dean, NKBA at Design Studio West.

All Heartwood Walnut Half Pastore Top for a Kitchen in San Diego, California
Brady Architectural Photography

About the Designer

Margaret has been designing and building kitchens, baths and more for over 25 years. She has won many awards for her work and accolades from her clients. Her clients are very appreciative of her creativity, expertise and thoughtfulness and come back to her time and time again. Contact Margaret by email at mdean@designstudiowest.com or by phone at 858-454-9133.

Kitchen Remodel in Rancho Peñasquitos, California features a Grothouse Walnut Waterfall Top
Brady Architectural Photography

Designer Tip

Cooks are happier when all used items are within reach and counters are free of clutter. The shallow backsplash shelf in this design allows for efficient prep in a small kitchen. The clients are tall and can easily access the upper cabinets.

Custom All Heartwood Walnut Wood Waterfall Top in a San Diego, California Kitchen Remodel
Brady Architectural Photography

Cabinet Manufacturer: Sollera Fine Cabinetry supplied by Design Studio West, San Diego, CA 92117

Cabinet Hardware: Top Knobs, Aspen Series, Light Bronze

Flooring: M. Austin Flooring, San Diego, CA

Grothouse Wood Countertop: All Heartwood Walnut Half Pastore Top sealed with Durata® permanent finish in satin sheen

Other Countertops: Aurea Stone Quartz, “Paragon”

Faucet: Waterstone

Sink: Rohl

Backsplash: Cle Tile, “Zellige” and “Paragon” Quartz

Wall ColorDunn Edwards “Winter Morn” DET617

Stove: Miele

Dishwasher: Miele

Other Appliances: Miele and Thermador

Other Items, Comments or Advice: When using a cool pallet, wood adds warmth and comfort to a space. In a kitchen or well used area, it is imperative the wood can withstand basic affronts such as spills and splatter. I advise other designers to check out Grothouse woods with the “Durata” finish. My clients are amazed at the resilience and cleanability of the products. I’m always confident that Grothouse will supply a superior product and that my clients will be exceedingly satisfied.

Click here to see more designs by Margaret Dean and Design Studio West. To see other designs featuring an all heartwood Walnut half Pastore top, visit the Countertop Image Library on our website.

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Kitchen Islands for Gathering

Have you ever noticed where family and guests naturally gather in your home? I bet most of us would answer with, “around the kitchen island.” Today, kitchen island is the ultimate expression of the kitchen’s move from the back of the house to the center of the home. Often times, it acts as a replacement for breakfast nooks and kitchen tables. So what elements create gathering kitchen islands?

Gathering Kitchen Island Elements

First and foremost, the most gathering-friendly kitchen island countertop material is wood. Wood is a naturally warm material, and thus is also an inviting material to cozy up to.

Gathering Kitchen Islands with Grothouse Wood Countertops
Design by Lisa Brosius of Boxwood Design

“There is no material that compares to the warmth and comfort natural wood surfaces give to a kitchen,” stated designer Lisa Brosius of Boxwood Design.

Huge Kitchen Island with a Butcher Block Top
Design by Nikki Trivisonno of Somrak Kitchens, Inc.

Another key element in creating an island for gathering, is having both standing and seating room. Incorporating both is important, so guests that would prefer to stand have plenty of room without those who want to sit getting in the way of each other.

Two Tier Kitchen Island Designed for Gathering
Design by Kitchenscapes

Did you know a kitchen island can be more than one tier? How clever is this two-tier kitchen island designed by Kitchenscapes? One area is distinctly for seating, more like the kitchen table, and behind it is more seating, with an adjacent counter for standing room, entertaining and more.

Two Tier Kitchen Island with Wood Countertops Designed for Gathering
Design by Bianca Fathauer of Splendid Home Design | Photography by Kaunis Hetki Photographer

“This is a family that loves to cook and entertain so we incorporated their large commercial range flanked by perimeter quartz countertops, and a gorgeous walnut butcher block end grain countertop section. This is matched alongside by flat grain walnut pedestal table with built-in seating and storage,” stated the designer of this two tier kitchen island, Bianca Fathauer of Splendid Home Design.

Visit the Countertop Image Library on our website to see more gathering kitchen islands.

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A Coastal Home with Wood and Metal Countertops by Grothouse

A home designed by Ellen Lopez of El Design Studio was inspired by a Coastal palette and elegant styling. Ellen collaborated with Grothouse to design a series of wood and metal countertops and accessories for various rooms in the home. Ellen thoughtfully selected every detail to tell the story of the homeowner, the architecture and the homes location on the North Shore and the picturesque view of the Long Island Sound.

The Kitchen

A Coastal Home with Wood and Metal Countertops by Grothouse
Josh Goetz Photography

The homeowner is a cook, so the kitchen was designed not only designed for show, but most importantly functionality. The kitchen island features a custom stained Curly Figured Maple wood counter. Finished with Grothouse exclusive Durata® finish in matte sheen, this counter is completely waterproof and perfect for seating. A custom edge profile and two expanded corners add drama to the counter’s design.

“The custom-figured maple wood countertop by Grothouse with its rich, dark stain adds to the elegance and provides depth and strength to the space,” stated Ellen.

Argentum Anvil™ metal finished range hood
Josh Goetz Photography

A custom Argentum Anvil™ metal finished range hood sits beautifully above the island. The nickel silver tones of the Argentum metal finish complement the crystal chandelier above the eat in kitchen table.

The kitchen table was also crafted by Grothouse, composed of an Ash wood tabletop and an Argentum Anvil™ Metal Finished table base – designed to match the range hood.

The Pantry

Custom Stained Ash Wood Pantry Counter
Josh Goetz Photography

Built custom for the base shelf of the pantry was a custom stained Ash wood counter. The counter provides space for storage and is sealed with Durata® waterproof and permanent finish in matte sheen.

The Dining Room Buffet Server

Custom Stained Figured Maple Counter for the Dining Room Buffet Server
Josh Goetz Photography

The mood of each room changes subtly, while similar elements were woven together to keep the story connected. In doing so, a custom stained Figured Maple counter, matching the kitchen counter, was crafted for the buffet server in the dining room.

Click here to read Ellen’s blog to learn more about this home’s design. Visit our Countertop Image Library to see more designs with wood and metal countertops.

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Saxon Wood Island Countertop and Drawers designed by Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath

A spacious, contemporary kitchen designed by Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath in collaboration with Wildman Chalmers Design and Brenda Friday Design. The kitchen island features a custom Saxon Wood Island Countertop and Drawers.

Saxon Wood Island Countertop and Drawers designed by Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath
Tom Little Photography

Saxon Wood Island Countertop and Drawers

Saxon Wood is the first of a series of specially curated woods, hand selected and sourced exclusively by Grothouse. Custom designed for this island is a Saxon Wood counter top that features waterfall legs. Six drawers were also crafted in Saxon Wood for the kitchen island end. The drawer fronts were strategically built to ensure the grain matched from left to right, giving it a strikingly unique and beautiful appearance.

Custom Saxon Wood Island Countertop for Contemporary Kitchen
Tom Little Photography

Design Details

Cabinetry Manufacturer: Mouser Cabinetry

Cabinet Color: Blue

Cabinet Hardware: Top Knobs

Complimentary Countertops: Ultimate Granite / Black Pearl

Appliances: Sub-Zero and Wolf Stainless Steel

Flooring: Wood Floors

Contractor: Century Interiors, Inc.

Custom Saxon Wood Countertop and Matching Drawers
Tom Little Photography

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Holiday Baking with Wood Countertops

‘Tis the season for baking all of our holiday favorites – from apple pie to sugar cookies and more. While preparing to bake for the holidays it is easy to overlook the most important ingredient… the surface used to prepare! The best surface to prepare cookies on? Wood of course! Today we are discussing the perks of holiday baking with wood countertops.

Holiday Baking with Wood Countertops and Butcher Blocks
Holiday Baking with Wood Countertops

Because of the way that wood countertops are crafted, you can chop directly on the surface – no cutting board needed! You can roll dough, cut and decorate cookies, pies, muffins and more directly on a wood countertop. In addition, this makes for easy clean up since you don’t have to get as many items out.

Countertops can be crafted in three different construction styles. The best construction style for baking is end grain. Counters crafted in end grain construction style are called butcher blocks. End Grain Construction is the preferred chopping surface by chefs, as this construction style is the kindest to knives and keeps them sharp. In addition, butcher block tend to be self-healing and most knife marks disappear after cleaning. After years of use, the butcher block can be sanded and re-oiled to look like new again.

After cleaning up, wood countertops and butcher blocks serve as a pretty surface to display and serve your baked goods for guests.

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Walnut Island Top designed by Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath

A spacious kitchen designed by Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath for cooking and entertaining – that even has space for the family pet – features a Walnut Island Top.

Walnut Island Top designed by Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath
Tom Little Photography

Design Details

Cabinetry: Mouser

Cabinet Hardware: Top Knobs

Complimentary Countertops: Primo Marble & Granite / Allure Leathered Quartzite

Faucet: Brizo

Sink: Franke

Backsplash: Ceramiche Tile & Stone

Stove: Thermador

Refrigerator: Sub Zero

Walnut Counter for a kitchen island designed by Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath
Tom Little Photography

Walnut Island Top Details

The Walnut Island Top designed for this kitchen was crafted in edge grain construction. At one and a half inches thick, this top features a 1/4″ Roundover edge profile. It is sealed with the Grothouse exclusive Durata Finish in Matte sheen.

Walnut Top crafted in Edge Grain Construction with a Quarter Inch Roundover Edge Profile
Tom Little Photography
Kitchen Island with Built In Pet Bowls designed by Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath
Tom Little Photography

A matching Walnut counter was crafted for this little nook in the kitchen, creating the perfect place for the toaster oven, liquor and more.

Matching counter for pantry nook area of the kitchen
Tom Little Photography

Follow Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath on social media to see more of their stunningly spacious kitchen designs! Houzz | Facebook | Instagram

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Grothouse Solid Surfaces in Whole Home Concept House

Grothouse was thrilled to partner with the prestigious Matthew Quinn to craft custom solid surfaces for House Beautiful’s Whole Home Concept House in Nashville, Tennessee.

Grothouse Solid Surfaces in House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House in Nashville, Tennessee
Photography by David A. Land

House Beautiful teamed up with forward-thinking designers from across the country to build a house from the ground up and craft its rooms with a family’s total joy in mind. The result of this 6,201-square-foot haven is more than a home – it’s an experience.

The Kitchen | Whole Home Concept House

When dreaming up a new kitchen, it’s tempting to focus on the “pretty bits”: cabinet colorsquartz-versus-natural-stone surfaces, hardware finishes. But kitchen-and-bath expert Matthew Quinn starts with what’s practical.

Grothouse White Oak Wood Countertop for House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House
Photography by David A. Land

An easy-clean Caesarstone quartz countertop is paired with a Grothouse Flat Grain White Oak Riftsawn countertop. The wood countertop features an arc and a custom stain. In addition, it has a charging pad built right in (meaning no tangled cords cluttering up your kitchen).

Butler’s Pantry | Whole Home Concept House

To make sure this smaller space didn’t feel too tight, Quinn used open shelving on one wall, flanking the window and sink—and on the other side, upper cabinets have mesh screen inserts.

Grothouse Wood Shelves with Anvil Metal Finished Edges in House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House
Photography by David A. Land

Grothouse crafted the open shelves in Flat Grain construction out of White Oak Riftsawn wood to match the kitchen countertop. The shelves feature a notched radius corner and Anvil™ Magnum metal finished edges.

If you are in Nashville, you can take a tour of the house! Or you can visit House Beautiful‘s YouTube channel to watch every step of the journey. Learn more about the House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House by clicking here!

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Walnut Countertop for a Kitchen Island

Don Hodkoski of Litchfield Hills Kitchen and Bath designed this Walnut Countertop for a Kitchen Island, making this space the perfect fit for a chef.

Walnut Countertop for a Kitchen Island in a chef's kitchen design
Walnut Countertop for a Kitchen Island

About Litchfield Hills Kitchen and Bath: Where design, craftsmanship, functionality and service come together. At Litchfield Hills Kitchen and Bath they design and build kitchens, bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms, mudrooms, outdoor kitchens and unique spaces. They specialize in creating quality environments which reflect your taste and lifestyle. Their team of master designers and craftsmen provide innovative designs and create positive experiences.

Design Details

The Perfect Chef Kitchen with Walnut Countertop
The Perfect Chef Kitchen

Cabinet Manufacturer: Homestead

Cabinet Hardware: Top Knobs

Island Countertop: Grothouse Walnut 3 inches thick Edge Grain Countertop

Complimentary Countertops: Betlan & Custom Stainless Countertops

Faucet: Waterstone

Sink: Stainless Steel from C-Tech

Backsplash: 2×6 Subway tile

Range: Wolf

Dishwasher: KitchenAid

Other Appliances: Sub-Zero Fridge and 2 Wolf Ovens

Walnut Countertop for a kitchen island provides the perfect place to prepare food
Walnut Countertop for Food Preparation

To see more designs by Litchfield Hills Kitchen and Bath, follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Houzz. Visit their relaxing showroom overlooking the East Aspetuck River, to get fresh ideas and discuss your goals and needs.

Read our previous blogs by visiting wood-countertop.glumber.com.

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