House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017 designed by Jon de la Cruz

House Beautiful is celebrating its tenth annual Kitchen of the Year 2017 at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, California. This year’s 625-square-foot kitchen was designed by Jon de la Cruz of DLC-ID. This being a 1904 historic home, the kitchen features amazing architectural details: 12-foot ceilings, open pantry shelves, a beautiful mix of new and old materials and many windows.

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017 designed by Jon de la Cruz Breakfast Nook Pantry
House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017 designed by Jon de la Cruz

For the kitchen, de la Cruz focused on beautiful functionality by combining his expertise in cooking with his deep knowledge of design history. The space features multiple stations for cooking, baking, breakfast and family dining — as well as innovative storage and display ideas. This was a necessity for the family of 10 that live in this home.

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017 Pantry Shelves
House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017 Pantry

Featured in the breakfast nook are vertical ceiling-high, open pantry shelves made of American Black Walnut Wood crafted by Grothouse. The Black Walnut Wood Shelves capture the ethos of timeless elegance, serving as a dramatic accent for custom labeled jars and superb pantry organization by Blisshaus – also referred to as The Pantry Detox.

Superb pantry organization by Blisshaus in Kitchen of the Year 2017
Superb pantry organization by Blisshaus

Taking customization even further, the shelves feature laser engraving on the front. Jon de la Cruz’s favorite part of the kitchen is the s’mores section, and we happen to agree!

Grothouse American Black Walnut Wood Pantry Shelves in House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017
Grothouse American Black Walnut Wood Pantry Shelves

This dream space was unveiled on April 29, 2017 and was open to the public until May 29, 2017. Click here to take a tour of the kitchen with Jon de la Cruz and House Beautiful’s Editor in Chief Sophie Donelson.

Be sure to pick up the October issue of House Beautiful to see the full kitchen. Join us on Instagram to see more of House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year 2017 and the San Francisco Decorator Showcase home via #HBKOTY and #sfshowcase.

Photography by John Merkl.

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Cutting Boards for Unique Personalized Gifts

Personalized Cutting Boards by Grothouse
Personalized Cutting Boards by Grothouse

Cutting boards crafted by Grothouse make the perfect unique personalized gifts for anyone – including family, friends, and even clients – because they can be customized for anyone’s taste and budget.

Designing Cutting Boards for Unique Personalized Gifts

Designing cutting boards is easy when they are crafted by Grothouse because they can include a multitude of features – including laser engraving, edge profiles, and more.

Anything can be engraved into a cutting board crafted by Grothouse. This is a major reason as to why they are such great gifts for clients. A company logo can be engraved as well as the client’s name if desired. Showcase Kitchens designed this cutting board to feature their company logo.

Personalized Cutting Boards for Companies
Personalized Cutting Boards for Companies

The Fisher Group designed the cutting board featured below to include their company logo in the upper left hand corner and “Habitable Art” in a different font style in the bottom right hand corner. This design is clever because it is not only personal, but also leaves plenty of space on the surface for food preparation.

The Fisher Group Personalized Cutting Board
The Fisher Group Personalized Wood Cutting Board

A special quote or design can be engraved on the cutting board for a family member or friend. The design does not have to be engraved on the top of the board. Designs can be engraved on the sides or even the back of the cutting board. One client had a cutting board custom crafted for their sister with engraving of their sister’s name on the front side.

Cutting Boards make Unique Personalized Gifts
Cutting Boards make Unique Personalized Gifts

Custom cutting boards make for great event giveaway gifts as well. Cutting boards can be purchased in bulk and prepared for your event. Engrave the cutting board with event information or add a ribbon with a nice tag to each board that is given away. Grothouse has crafted cutting boards for events by House Beautiful magazine, Lehigh Valley Style magazine, and many more.

Juice grooves can also be engraved into any cutting board. Juice grooves are a great feature because they collect fluids from cutting meat, vegetables and fruits to avoid drippings onto the floor or countertop. Juice grooves can be added in a simple design, like along the edges of the cutting board, or they can be added as a more complex design like the tree pictured below.

Unique Personalized Gifts Cutting Boards with Juice Grooves
Personalized Cutting Boards with Juice Grooves

Cutting boards can be custom crafted out of any wood specie. By choosing a cutting board crafted by Grothouse, you know you are receiving a board built out of the finest quality wood, no matter the specie.

To keep the overall appearance of the wood cutting board simple, choose a classic edge profile like the Roundover. For a more dramatic appearance choose an edge profile like the Roman Notch or the Perlen.

Per request, Grothouse can add feet to the bottom of the cutting board to sit on so that it does not scratch the surface it is placed on and so that the board itself does not scratch.

Wood Cutting Board Finish

Personalized Cutting Boards Finish
Grothouse Original Oil™ Finish

Compliment the cutting board with a bottle of Grothouse Original Oil™. Our oil is the best wood cutting board finish for keeping the wood properly maintained. The finish is hypoallergenic and contains no Tung oils, permitting the entertainment of guests with no worries of nut allergies. It is also fragrance free and color free. When applied to the board, the wood may appear darker at first. Over time the color will appear lighter, as it looked before the oil was applied. Cutting boards should be oiled on a regular basis, depending on the amount of use and the environment it is typically stored in. Cutting boards need to be oiled when they appear visually dry.

If you are interested in designing Unique Personalized Gifts crafted by Grothouse, request a quote by clicking here. Please contact us if you have any questions about our custom cutting boards!

Accessorial Wood Surfaces

Grothouse wood surfaces are known for their ability to be used for many different purposes, while exhibiting a stunning appearance. While most wood surfaces are crafted for food preparation or dining purposes, many designers incorporate accessorial wood surfaces as shelves for a place to store fine china, glass, or other decorative items. Grothouse crafts accessorial wood surfaces for any purpose and to fit any space.

Accessorial Wood Surfaces by Grothouse
Accessorial Wood Surfaces by Grothouse

Designs of Accessorial Wood Surfaces

Some of the most talented kitchen designers incorporate accessorial wood surfaces into their designs.

Accessorial wood surfaces designed by Steven Miller for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2014
Designed by Steven Miller for the 2014 House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Steven Miller of Steven Miller Design Studio incorporated Peruvian Walnut wood shelves in his design for the 2014 House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year. The shelves match the main Peruvian Walnut wood countertop. Steven Miller added laser engraving to the shelves to label what was being stored in particular areas, for example “bowls” and “drinking”.

Accessorial wood surfaces designed by Signature Custom Cabinetry
Design by Signature Custom Cabinetry

Signature Custom Cabinetry designed the matching shadow boxes and cabinet surround box. All boxes are made of Sapele Mahogany wood in edge grain construction. Shadow boxes are perfect for exhibiting decorative items, like picture frames. Cabinet surround boxes add a unique and appealing appearance to cabinetry.

Accessorial wood surfaces designed by Elkay Manufacturing for KBIS 2014
Design by Elkay Manufacturing

Elkay Manufacturing designed this White Oak counter to be used as a reception counter. This design was featured in the Elkay Display Booth at KBIS 2014.  The counter holds decorative items such as a clock, a bouquet of flowers, and a glass container with candy.

Accessorial Wood Surfaces designed by The Savannah Cabinet Shop
Design by The Savannah Cabinet Shop

The Savannah Cabinet Shop designed this Teak wood counter for extra counter space in the kitchen and to hold items like a speaker and a toaster.

Accessorial Wood Surfaces designed by Echelon Custom Homes
Design by Echelon Custom Homes

Echelon Custom Homes designed this Sapele Mahogany wood counter for extra counter space. It is used to exhibit the gorgeous silver dish placed on top. The wood counter makes that area the center of attention. It can also be used as an extra food preparation or serving space.

To view more designs of accessorial wood surfaces, follow our Houzz and Instagram pages. Be sure to like us on Facebook to stay up to date on Grothouse news and product updates!

Zebrawood Countertops

Zebrawood countertops are popular for modern and contemporary styled spaces. Zebrawood is a type of wood that can be found in Africa. Zebrawood got it’s name because of its resemblance to the stripes of a zebra. It has a strong early wood to late wood contrast. It is an exotic decorative wood. The grain is typically wavy or interlocked.

zebrawood countertops
Custom wood countertop made of Zebrawood by Grothouse

Zebrawood Countertops

Grothouse crafts Zebrawood Countertops in Flat Grain and End Grain construction. It is great for crafting countertops because it is hard and heavy. It has a Janka scale of 1575.

Pictured below is a Zebrawood Bar Top in Kentucky. This kitchen was designed by Creative Kitchen & Bath. 

Zebrawood  countertops
Zebrawood Bar Top in Kentucky designed by Creative Kitchen & Bath

This bar top is made in Flat Grain construction. Zebrawood contains various brown colors such as a yellow brown and darker brown. The variations of brown in the wood compliment the brown colors in the flooring.

Zebrawood can also be crafted in End Grain Construction. Also known as a Butcher Block. Pictured is a Butcher Block Dining Table.

Zebrawood  Countertops butcherblock style
Zebrawood Butcher Block Dining Table designed by Brandy Cohen of Dandamudi’s, Inc.

The table was designed by Dandamudi’s, Inc. We love this creative use of a butcher block. It can be used as a food preparation station for direct chopping. It can also be converted into a dining table. This design provides creative inspiration for small kitchens and apartments.

Zebrawood Facts

Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz used it in their vehicles. It can used for skis or tool handles. It is sometimes used to make guitars. It is generally sold quartersawn to ensure even lineal figure. It is also known as Zebrano, Palmaletto, African Zebrawood, Zingana, Okwen, and Allen Ele.

The Countertop Design Guide contains more information about Zebrawood.

Zebrawood Countertops are a striking statement that works well in contemporary and transitional designs.

Designing Engraved Wood Countertops

Engraved Wood countertops are a trendsetting feature

Engraved wood countertops

In the example above, the client added the family tattoo as a decorative element.  Grothouse can engrave type in any font, or even a handwritten phrase or signature.  Pictures and logos can also be engraved. The depth of the engraving can be adjusted to change the appearance.  Glazing can also be added to enhance the design. The engraving can be applied to the surface of the engraved wood countertop or on a prominent edge.

The countertop pictured below was designed with a meaningful Latin phrase. It was designed by Tyler Florence for The House Beautiful Kitchen of the year. The cart was designed to be rolled table side for serving and carving. It also serves double duty as an extension to the existing kitchen island. Laser Engraved wood countertop by Tyler Florence for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Engraved Wood Countertops | Designing

Choose something meaningful to you, an inspirational phrase or family name.

Scale the engraving to enhance the appearance of the piece. If it is too large it may be overwhelming visually.

On darker woods keep the engraving simple so the details do not get lost. Select lighter woods for more detailed engraving.

Consider adding a glaze to enhance the design of the engraving.

 About The Grothouse Lumber Company:

Established in 1994, the Grothouse Lumber Company has grown to become one of the most technically advanced and creative manufacturers in the wood surfaces market. Our custom-built wood countertops can be configured with  a myriad of available options, including 60+ wood species, and 30 edge profiles. Our specially-formulated Durata; permanent finish is one of the most durable and reliable protective coatings currently available on the market today.

Visit our webpage to learn more about engraved wood countertops.