Commercial Wood Bar Top for Lucky Dorr at Wrigley Field

Custom Commercial Wood Bar Top at Lucky Dorr Bar at Wrigley Field
Custom Commercial Wood Bar Top at Lucky Dorr | Mike Rivera

Matthias Merges opened Lucky Dorr at the park at Wrigley in July; a bar and restaurant focused on the craft beer experience. Paying tribute to baseball’s history, Lucky Dorr was named after iconic Wrigley Field groundskeeper, Bobby Dorr, who worked for the Cubs from 1919 to 1957.

Designed by William Huber Cabinet Works, Grothouse crafted a custom commercial wood bar top for Lucky Dorr. Made of Douglas Fir wood, the design features intermittent Walnut wood butt joints.

Commercial Douglas Fir Wood Bar Top with intermittent Walnut butt joints
Lucky Dorr | Mike Rivera

Commercial wood bar tops by Grothouse provide professional clients with the highest quality wood surfaces that meet their objective of a stunning warm design with an efficient use of space for servers.

The bar features a drink rail to protect the rear of the bar from spills and provide a suitable space to set glasses and other materials.

The bar top features super plus distressing and a black glaze stain. Sealed in our exclusive Durata® waterproof and permanent finish, this bar top is a protective, maintenance- free surface. This commercial grade finish has been used for years in commercial bars, restaurants and country clubs throughout the United States.

Grothouse also crafted a wood backsplash to match the bar top.

Custom Wood Bar Top for Lucky Dorr at Wrigley Field
Lucky Dorr

See the commercial wood bar top in person by visiting Lucky Dorr! The bar sits on Wrigley Field’s new plaza and offers fans plenty of outdoor seating and exclusive collaborative beers from an impressive group of Chicago’s best brewers. Their 20 taps will remain open during baseball’s offseason.

The menu consists of historic ballpark staples with a new twist, including an oversize German‐style pretzel served with beer cheese, homemade mustard and ranch dressing, as well as delicious salty snacks designed for beer pairing.

Learn more about Grothouse custom crafted commercial wood bar tops by visiting our website. Check out the Image Library to see how other designers used a custom commercial wood bar top in their commercial spaces.

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Build Ambiance with Commercial Wood Surfaces

Build Ambiance with Commercial Wood Surfaces for Restaurants and Bars
Build Ambiance with Commercial Wood Surfaces

Grothouse commercial wood surfaces are the perfect addition for evoking comfort and building ambiance at any bar or restaurant.  Wood surfaces are a naturally warm material – much warmer than plastic, metal, or stone surfaces. Wood also absorbs sound and helps quiet a room full of guests, creating a more intimate atmosphere. Its forgiving nature avoids accidental chips to fine china and stemware, and its beauty helps you spare the expense of weekly linen service.

Commercial Wood Surfaces

Most Grothouse Commercial Wood Surfaces for restaurants and bars are finished with Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish, a proven finish that withstands the wear and tear of commercial environments. It’s maintenance free finish leaves treated surfaces completely waterproof. Water left on the surface dries with no water rings. Red wine, vinegar, alcohol, soaps and coffee will not affect the finish.  Want to see our Durata® finish in action?  Perilla Restaurant, 9 Jones Street New York features Grothouse tables with Durata® finish that have been used continuously since 2007.

Catelli Duo is a restaurant and wine bar in Voorhees, New Jersey that features Grothouse Live Edge and Walnut Wood Tables. According to Catelli Duo, their restaurant offers a contemporary concept in fine dining – inviting, approachable and intimate. They offer a place where people can gather in an elegant yet vibrant atmosphere and interact freely with great food and one another. The wood surfaces they designed for their restaurant fit perfectly with the atmosphere in their restaurant. Below are images of the restaurant. Click here to learn more about the commercial wood surfaces.

Restaurant Wood Tables at Catelli Duo
Catelli Duo Restaurant with Wood Surfaces
Commercial Wood Surfaces at Catelli Duo
Catelli Duo Restaurant with Wood Surfaces
Restaurant Wood Tables at Catelli Duo
Catelli Duo Restaurant with Wood Surfaces

The Brittingham’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania has an immaculate custom Ash Elephant Bar Top produced by Grothouse. Brittingham’s mission is to create a place where guests stay long, enjoy fully, and leave reluctantly. The bar top cohesively fits into their mission. Grothouse crated custom ash dowels to fit in the brass elephant hooks. You can learn more information about this commercial bar top here and you can see images of the bar below.

Restaurant Wood Bar Top
Brittingham’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Wood Bar Top
Restaurant Wood Bar Top
Brittingham’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Wood Bar Top
Commercial Wood Surfaces for a Restaurant
Brittingham’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Wood Bar Top

The New Continental Tavern is a pub in Yardley, Pennsylvania that has a Sapele Mahogany Wood Bar Top. The bar top includes Chicago Bar Rail and a 4 inch drink rail. The Continental offers the finest in Tavern Fare and Sumptuous Spirits, in an atmosphere that is comfortable, inviting and reminiscent of bygone days when hospitality was paramount. The custom wood bar top crafted for The Continental adds to its warmth and charm.

Commercial Wood Bar Top
The New Continental Tavern Wood Bar Top
Commercial Wood surfaces in Pennsylvania
The New Continental Tavern Wood Bar Top

You can view more restaurants and bars with Grothouse Commercial Wood Surfaces in our Countertop Image Library.

Custom Wood Bar Countertops in a space designed by Roger Yiengst of Kountry Kraft

Our Custom Wood Bar Countertops blog features the industry’s most talented and innovative designers throughout the United States and abroad. This featured space was designed by Roger Yiengst of Kountry Kraft.  Kountry Kraft is a family-owned business, established in 1959, that has evolved into one of the premier custom kitchen and custom cabinet manufacturers in the country. They are dedicated to staying the course of four guiding principles: craft the highest quality, custom product; deliver it on schedule; price it fairly; and be honest, genuine and friendly. Kountry Kraft is located in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania. Grothouse is truly honored to have been part of this project. After reading this blog, you can like Kountry Kraft on Facebook and follow them on Houzz to see more of their designs.

About the Designer: 

Roger Yiengst has been with Kountry Kraft since 1977. Roger assumed the position of Sales Manager and Representative in 1995.

Custom Wood Bar Countertops designed by Kountry Kraft
Custom Lyptus Bar Tops with Synthesis Bar Rail™ designed by Roger Yiengst of Kountry Kraft

 Design Details

Perimeter Countertops: Grothouse Lyptus Wood Bar Tops crafted in Flat Grain Construction (also known as Wide Plank Style) with a Synthesis Bar Rail™

Backsplash: Grothouse Custom Lyptus Wood Backsplash

Cabinetry: Kountry Kraft

Cabinetry Hardware: Cliffside

Other Appliances: Sub Zero Wine Cooler

Grothouse Custom Wood Bar Countertops: Custom Lyptus Wood Bar Tops with Synthesis Bar Rail

How to contact the designer of the Custom Wood Bar Countertops: 

Kountry Kraft

P.O. Box 570

291 South Sheridan Road

Newmanstown, PA 17073

1 (877) 677-9833

Roger Yiengst of Kountry Kraft designed Custom Wood Bar Countertops
Custom Lyptus Wood Bar Countertops with Synthesis Bar Rail™ designed by Roger Yiengst

About The Grothouse Lumber Company

Established in 1994, the Grothouse Lumber Company has grown to become one of the most technically advanced and creative manufacturers in the wood surfaces market. Our custom-built wood countertops can be configured with  a myriad of available options, including 60+ wood species, and over 30 edge profiles. Our specially-formulated Durata Permanent Finish is one of the most durable and waterproof protective coatings currently available on the market today.

You can see more images of Custom Wood Bar Countertops in the Grothouse Image Library.

Zebrawood Countertops

Zebrawood countertops are popular for modern and contemporary styled spaces. Zebrawood is a type of wood that can be found in Africa. Zebrawood got it’s name because of its resemblance to the stripes of a zebra. It has a strong early wood to late wood contrast. It is an exotic decorative wood. The grain is typically wavy or interlocked.

zebrawood countertops
Custom wood countertop made of Zebrawood by Grothouse

Zebrawood Countertops

Grothouse crafts Zebrawood Countertops in Flat Grain and End Grain construction. It is great for crafting countertops because it is hard and heavy. It has a Janka scale of 1575.

Pictured below is a Zebrawood Bar Top in Kentucky. This kitchen was designed by Creative Kitchen & Bath. 

Zebrawood  countertops
Zebrawood Bar Top in Kentucky designed by Creative Kitchen & Bath

This bar top is made in Flat Grain construction. Zebrawood contains various brown colors such as a yellow brown and darker brown. The variations of brown in the wood compliment the brown colors in the flooring.

Zebrawood can also be crafted in End Grain Construction. Also known as a Butcher Block. Pictured is a Butcher Block Dining Table.

Zebrawood  Countertops butcherblock style
Zebrawood Butcher Block Dining Table designed by Brandy Cohen of Dandamudi’s, Inc.

The table was designed by Dandamudi’s, Inc. We love this creative use of a butcher block. It can be used as a food preparation station for direct chopping. It can also be converted into a dining table. This design provides creative inspiration for small kitchens and apartments.

Zebrawood Facts

Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz used it in their vehicles. It can used for skis or tool handles. It is sometimes used to make guitars. It is generally sold quartersawn to ensure even lineal figure. It is also known as Zebrano, Palmaletto, African Zebrawood, Zingana, Okwen, and Allen Ele.

The Countertop Design Guide contains more information about Zebrawood.

Zebrawood Countertops are a striking statement that works well in contemporary and transitional designs.

Custom Wood Countertops of Dark Wood Hues

Walnut Wood CountertopDesigning with Custom Wood Countertops

Custom wood countertops reflect the lifestyle of the owner and enhance the space with an organic warmth.  A current trend includes darker toned woods such as American Black Walnut, Wenge and Peruvian Walnut. Each has a rich dark chocolate tones, with Wenge leaning towards Ebony, black hues.Most frequently, the dark toned wood countertops are paired with white cabinetry that provides an interesting contrast. View our photo gallery for design inspiration here .  The countertops can be sealed with food safe oil finish that is suitable for direct chopping or our waterproof Durata Finish.  Food safe oil finish does require ongoing applications, typically monthly.  Durata does not require ongoing maintenance and is available in Matte or Satin Sheen.

Using Stain to create Dark Wood Countertops

Another alternative for dark wood countertops is to apply a stain to darken the wood.  Grothouse offers a variety of stock stains as well as custom stain matching to your sample. All countertops with stain must be sealed with Durata waterproof finish. Many clients choose a stain color that compliments the floor, or picks up an accent color contained in the space. The accent color can be an element in the drapery, cabinet hardware, artwork or lighting. The most talented designers pay careful attention to every detail in the room and ensure all the elements work together.

Grothouse wood countertops grace some of the finest homes, commercial bars and restaurants in the nation. We ship worldwide in 2 to 3 weeks (10-15 business days) and our tops arrive with a comprehensive lifetime warranty.

What are My Options for Custom Wood Bar Tops?

Sapele Mahogany Wood Bar top

Wood bar tops add elegance and style to any space. Nothing looks more iconic and professional than a wood bar. Whether you’re outfitting a professional bar or just want to add some class to your home, custom wood bar tops are durable and fashionable. You can get wood butcher block countertops or a classic Chicago Bar rail or other type of rolled bar top to complete the look of your bar.

Custom wood bar tops can be made with several types of wood. Most wood bar tops are designed with drink rails and Chicago Rail to prevent spills. This is what makes wood bars stand out from other types of counters, but it’s not necessary for all home bars. If you’d prefer wood butcher block countertops instead, you can choose that durable look. It will require no maintenance to stay looking beautiful for many years to come thanks to our Durata wood countertop finish.

What about Wood Countertops?

Wood butcher block countertops come in a wide variety of colors, patterns and styles. The basic look is always the same: Edges of wood are visible in blocks that make up various patterns along the surface of the counter. They make a great place for food preparation since they’re so sturdy, but you can also use them for serving tables. The decorations and inlays can be customized to any pattern you desire. They can range from simple checkerboard styles to more complex designs featuring various inlays and other patterns.

Whether you’re looking for wood bar tops or wood butcher block
countertops, you can choose from among several types of wood. Some popular choices are cherry, mahogany and maple. If you’d prefer having a more exotic look, you can choose dark wenge, stunning zebra wood or even bamboo. The wood can also be fresh or reclaimed for minimal environmental impact.

Once you’ve chosen the wood, you can further customize your counter with stains and different edge profiles. The stain can be matched to other items in your home or business to provide a unified, polished look to your bar. The finished wood bar top will be totally original to reflect your unique tastes.

To find the right custom wood countertops, butcher block countertops, or wood bar tops, choose an industry leader. Contact the professionals at The Grothouse Lumber Company by clicking here or calling 1-610-767-6515.