Commercial Wood Bar Top for Lucky Dorr at Wrigley Field

Custom Commercial Wood Bar Top at Lucky Dorr Bar at Wrigley Field
Custom Commercial Wood Bar Top at Lucky Dorr | Mike Rivera

Matthias Merges opened Lucky Dorr at the park at Wrigley in July; a bar and restaurant focused on the craft beer experience. Paying tribute to baseball’s history, Lucky Dorr was named after iconic Wrigley Field groundskeeper, Bobby Dorr, who worked for the Cubs from 1919 to 1957.

Designed by William Huber Cabinet Works, Grothouse crafted a custom commercial wood bar top for Lucky Dorr. Made of Douglas Fir wood, the design features intermittent Walnut wood butt joints.

Commercial Douglas Fir Wood Bar Top with intermittent Walnut butt joints
Lucky Dorr | Mike Rivera

Commercial wood bar tops by Grothouse provide professional clients with the highest quality wood surfaces that meet their objective of a stunning warm design with an efficient use of space for servers.

The bar features a drink rail to protect the rear of the bar from spills and provide a suitable space to set glasses and other materials.

The bar top features super plus distressing and a black glaze stain. Sealed in our exclusive Durata® waterproof and permanent finish, this bar top is a protective, maintenance- free surface. This commercial grade finish has been used for years in commercial bars, restaurants and country clubs throughout the United States.

Grothouse also crafted a wood backsplash to match the bar top.

Custom Wood Bar Top for Lucky Dorr at Wrigley Field
Lucky Dorr

See the commercial wood bar top in person by visiting Lucky Dorr! The bar sits on Wrigley Field’s new plaza and offers fans plenty of outdoor seating and exclusive collaborative beers from an impressive group of Chicago’s best brewers. Their 20 taps will remain open during baseball’s offseason.

The menu consists of historic ballpark staples with a new twist, including an oversize German‐style pretzel served with beer cheese, homemade mustard and ranch dressing, as well as delicious salty snacks designed for beer pairing.

Learn more about Grothouse custom crafted commercial wood bar tops by visiting our website. Check out the Image Library to see how other designers used a custom commercial wood bar top in their commercial spaces.

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Bar Top Ideas

Custom Wood Bar Top Ideas that will make your home bar entertainment area stand out
Bar Top Ideas

A home bar constitutes a major feature of any room. What truly sets a bar area apart is the countertop in which guests enjoy a drink or two and in which you can prepare drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Here are a few unique and innovative designs to inspire custom crafted wood bar top ideas that will make your home bar area and entertainment space stand out.

Bar Top Ideas: Synthesis™ Bar Rail

Bar Top Idea include Grothouse Synthesis Bar Rail for an outstanding, continuous and substantial bar top
Bar Top Idea: Synthesis™ Bar Rail

Stuart Kitchens designed this home bar area featuring a custom wood bar top with Synthesis™ Chicago Bar Rail. Synthesis™ Bar Rail is an integrated Chicago Bar Rail carved from the solid wood that creates the countertop surface. The result is a singular piece of bar, with a grain matched surface that eliminates seams at the molding. This innovation also eliminates the need for unsightly mounting fasteners underneath the bar.

Bar Top Ideas: Upside Down Edge Profile

Bar Top Idea place edge profile upside down for distinctive appearance
Bar Top Idea: Upside Down Edge Profile

Glyn Tindall Construction Co. designed this custom Brazilian Cherry wood bar top for an entertainment space in a basement. The distinctive appearance of the bar top is due to the unique idea of using an upside down Medium Roman Ogee edge profile on the bottom edges.

Bar Top Ideas: Super Distressing

Bar Top Idea select super distressing for a bar top with charming appeal
Bar Top Idea: Super Distressing

Wood-Mode Inc. designed this wet bar to feature a Sapele Mahogany top with Super Distressing. The distressing creates a charming, inimitable appeal.

Bar Top Ideas: Anvil™ Metal Finish

Bar Top Idea choose an Anvil Metal Finish to create the look of a metal countertop
Bar Top Idea: Anvil™ Metal Finish

For House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2016, Matthew Quinn designed a custom White Oak bar top to be gilded in Anvil™ Argentum Metal Finish. The finish was applied in such a way that shows the White Oak wood grain.

Want more bar top ideas? Be sure to check out the Solid Wood Bar Tops section of the Grothouse Photo Gallery. Like us on Facebook for weekly design inspirations.

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