Custom Table by Grothouse for Liebherr Booth at KBIS 2018

A Custom Table crafted by Grothouse was designed by Richard Anuszkiewicz of Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects for the Liebherr Booth at KBIS 2018.

Custom Table designed by Richard Anuszkiewicz for KBIS 2018 Liebherr Booth
Design by Richard Anuszkiewicz for KBIS 2018 Liebherr Booth

This booth unveiled the groundbreaking Liebherr Monolith – a refrigerator built for the future with whisper quiet operation and advanced technology. 84 inches from top to bottom, this impressive monumental wonder of German engineering takes food preservation to a new level. With superior food-saving advancements and energy efficiency, Monolith is a fusion of technical genius and practical ingenuity.

Custom Table Details

Custom Stained White Oak Table Top features a Chevron Pattern and Brass Inset Screws
Custom Stained White Oak Table Top features a Chevron Pattern and Brass Inset Screws

The three inch thick table top was crafted out of White Oak. It features a chevron pattern and inset brass screws down the center of the table top. A custom stain was used to achieve the white color. An eighth inch Roundover was selected for the top, bottom and vertical edges of the table top for a sleek look.

Custom Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Finished Table Base and Base Foot
Custom Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Finished Table Base and Base Foot

The table base and base foot are coated in Anvil™ Ferrum metal finish with a Durata® Satin top coat. The Ferrum finish replicates the gray color of iron, matching the grays used throughout the rest of the design. The edges of the base were rounded a quarter inch to continue the sleek look of the table top.

Grothouse is honored to have crafted a table for the unveiling of this stunning Monolith inception kitchen. To see more custom tables by Grothouse, visit the Countertop Image Library on our website.

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Reclaimed Wood Tables

Reclaimed Wood Tables crafted by Grothouse are made from 100 percent real reclaimed, heirloom quality lumber. The wood used is predominately from eighteenth and nineteenth century Pennsylvania barns. The natural imperfections in reclaimed wood lend history, character, and beauty to any style design, from modern to industrial to traditional to rustic.

Reclaimed Wood Tables
Reclaimed Wood Table designed by Lobkovich


Reclaimed Wood Tables | Features

Reclaimed wood tables by Grothouse can be crafted for any desired use, whether you would like a reclaimed wood dining table, table top, coffee table, restaurant table, end table, etc. They can also include a variety of features to add function to the space. The reclaimed wood dining table featured in this blog post was designed by Lobkovich. The Grothouse team worked with the designers, J. Paul Lobkovich and Emily Neifeld, on the design of the table to include a multitude of features.

Reclaimed Wood Tables for dining
Reclaimed Chesnut Wood Table designed by Lobkovich

This reclaimed wood table can double as a dining area and a kitchen island. It has eight drawers, perfect for storage and organization. The table top is 1-3/4 inches thick and crafted of antique reclaimed chestnut in flat grain construction. The table is 50 inches by 98 inches and 37 inches in height.

Reclaimed Wood Table with Electrical Outlet
Reclaimed Wood Electrical Outlet Covers

One important feature was that the table had electrical outlets. Grothouse prepared the table for the outlets on the inside and outside of the drawers. In doing so, a one leg drilled with a hole was used so that wiring could be fed to each electrical unit. On the exterior, Grothouse crafted custom matching outlet covers of the same reclaimed wood to minimize the appearance of the outlets. On the interior, shallow outlets were used that featured USB plug-ins for easy access to charge phones and electrical devices.

Reclaimed Wood Tables with Stainless Steel Table Support
Stainless Steel Table Support

To help with lateral strength required to support a table of this size, a metal “X” was designed to mount to the underside of the table. The “X” was made of stainless steel and unlacquered brass and designed to complement the La Cornue Range and custom hood.

Reclaimed Wood Tables supported by Solid Wood Legs
Solid Reclaimed Wood Table Legs

The table is supported by solidly constructed reclaimed wood legs crafted out of the same chestnut wood as the table top.

Reclaimed Wood Tables with Simple Edge
1/8″ Roundover Edge Profile

The table top is complete with a 1/8 inch Roundover edge profile on the top horizontal edges, bottom horizontal edges, and vertical corners.

To view more designs featuring reclaimed wood tables by Grothouse, visit our Image Library. To see more designs by Lobkovich, visit their Houzz page.

Custom Wood Trestle Table

Custom Wood Trestle Table by Grothouse
Custom Wood Trestle Table by Grothouse

A Custom Wood Trestle Table is a table consisting of a board or boards laid on trestles. More specifically, it is an item of furniture with two or three trestle supports linked by a longitudinal cross-member over which a board or table top is placed.

The History of Trestle Tables

The Trestle table has stood the test of time. It is one of the earliest known forms of tables in the western world. They were valued in the Medieval times for their nature of sturdiness and their ability to collapse.

Art depicting Three Apes Assembling a Trestle Table
Artwork of three apes working together to assemble a trestle table.

Made in Germany between 1480 and 1500, this stained glass roundel depicts a scene of three apes working together to assemble a trestle table. According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which houses this piece in the Cloisters Collection, the reason this scene was depicted remains a mystery. The scene of the apes resembles the ease of assembly and storage, which is what has made this table style an ideal occasional table.

Trestle Tables Today

The Trestle style remains a popular form of dining tables in today’s kitchens. Not only does it exhibit a remarkable appearance, but those seated at a trestle table are more comfortable than they might be with the usual arrangement of a fixed leg at each corner.

Trestle Table at the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show in NYC
Trestle Table for the Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry booth at the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show in NYC

Trestle tables are at home in traditional American style settings, though they figure prominently in modern spaces as well. The pictured Walnut Wood Trestle Table was included in the Rutt HandCrafted Cabinetry booth at the 2014 Architectural Digest Home Design Show in NYC. The trestle table was designed by Scott Stultz in collaboration with Rutt.

Trestle Table Options

A custom trestle table from Grothouse can include laser engraving. The table crafted for the Rutt Cabinetry booth included laser engraving of the Paul Grothouse logo. Laser engraving is the perfect way to customize a table. Anything can be laser engraved, from logos to pictures. The laser engraving can be placed anywhere on the table. For this particular table, the logo was placed in the corner of the table top surface.

Trestle Table with Laser Engraving
Trestle Table Top with Laser Engraving

Trestle tables crafted by Grothouse are typically finished with our exclusive Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish in Satin or Matte sheen. Tables can also be finished with Grothouse Original Oil™. Visit our Image Library to view more designs with wood tables.