Anvil Metal Countertops with Unique Details

Anvil™ finished metal countertops with unique details can be designed for anywhere in your home or commercial space. Because our exclusive Anvil™ metal coatings can be applied to any wood countertop, designers can create metal countertop designs that were not previously available due to the limitations of metal forming.

Anvil Metal Finished Countertops with Unique Details like engraving, nail heads, rivets, and expanded corners

There are no limitations when it comes to wood, and the perks of our Anvil™ metal finish on wood countertops does not end there. Click here for more information or continue reading out some of the unique details we love on Anvil metal finished counters.

Nail Heads

Anvil Metal Finished Countertops with Nail Heads Detailing along the Edge

Nail heads were the noted feature of this Anvil™ Axel metal kitchen bar top designed by Dorothy Olivier of William Ohs in collaboration with Percoco Marble & Tile, Inc.

Nail Heads Detailing on Anvil Metal Finished Bar Top Edges

The nail heads run along the entire edge of the top. This intricate detail ties the bar top in with the rest of the French Country style kitchen, while also making it the anchor for center stage.


Anvil Metal Finished Bar Top with Faux Metal Rivets along the outer edge

Like nail heads, rivets are another unique detailing we love to include on Anvil™ finished counters. A favorite includes this Anvil™ Ferrum metal finished bar top in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina designed by  Distinctive Design LLC.

Faux Meal Rivets on Metal Bar Top Edge

In total, the bar top includes 22 faux meal rivets. The bar tops distinct appeal that melds it with the space it lives in.

Expanded Corners

Expanded Corners on Pewter Metal Finished Countertop for a Kitchen Island

This Anvil™ Palladium pewter-like metal finished countertop was custom crafted for the Plain & Fancy display at the Architectural Digest Design Show. The top features six expanded corners, a popular feature for kitchen island countertops. Combined with the decorative edge profile Standard Roman Ogee, the expanded corners provide visual interest and texture to the design.

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraved Anvil Metal Countertops can include company logos and QR Codes

At Grothouse, any of our countertops can be laser engraved with your company logo, a favorite quote or saying, an image, and even a QR code!

Follow @grothouseinc on Instagram to see more anvil metal countertops with unique details.

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A Coastal Home with Wood and Metal Countertops by Grothouse

A home designed by Ellen Lopez of El Design Studio was inspired by a Coastal palette and elegant styling. Ellen collaborated with Grothouse to design a series of wood and metal countertops and accessories for various rooms in the home. Ellen thoughtfully selected every detail to tell the story of the homeowner, the architecture and the homes location on the North Shore and the picturesque view of the Long Island Sound.

The Kitchen

A Coastal Home with Wood and Metal Countertops by Grothouse
Josh Goetz Photography

The homeowner is a cook, so the kitchen was designed not only designed for show, but most importantly functionality. The kitchen island features a custom stained Curly Figured Maple wood counter. Finished with Grothouse exclusive Durata® finish in matte sheen, this counter is completely waterproof and perfect for seating. A custom edge profile and two expanded corners add drama to the counter’s design.

“The custom-figured maple wood countertop by Grothouse with its rich, dark stain adds to the elegance and provides depth and strength to the space,” stated Ellen.

Argentum Anvil™ metal finished range hood
Josh Goetz Photography

A custom Argentum Anvil™ metal finished range hood sits beautifully above the island. The nickel silver tones of the Argentum metal finish complement the crystal chandelier above the eat in kitchen table.

The kitchen table was also crafted by Grothouse, composed of an Ash wood tabletop and an Argentum Anvil™ Metal Finished table base – designed to match the range hood.

The Pantry

Custom Stained Ash Wood Pantry Counter
Josh Goetz Photography

Built custom for the base shelf of the pantry was a custom stained Ash wood counter. The counter provides space for storage and is sealed with Durata® waterproof and permanent finish in matte sheen.

The Dining Room Buffet Server

Custom Stained Figured Maple Counter for the Dining Room Buffet Server
Josh Goetz Photography

The mood of each room changes subtly, while similar elements were woven together to keep the story connected. In doing so, a custom stained Figured Maple counter, matching the kitchen counter, was crafted for the buffet server in the dining room.

Click here to read Ellen’s blog to learn more about this home’s design. Visit our Countertop Image Library to see more designs with wood and metal countertops.

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Grothouse KBIS 2020 Recap

The Grothouse team had a blast at KBIS 2020. There was no shortage of inspiration, remarkable products, outstanding booths and talented designers. Not only did Grothouse craft pieces for two renowned booths, one booth even won best of show!

The Wellborn Booth

Grothouse crafted a Wenge half parsons table for the classic contemporary, sleek kitchen display designed by Darcie Miller in the Wellborn Cabinet booth. The inspiration for this design was trendy, basic and affordable. Frameless cabinets combined with glossy and matte finishes and wood accents.

Grothouse KBIS 2020 Wellborn Cabinet Half Parsons Table
KBIS 2020 Wellborn Cabinet Booth

The parsons table served as a peninsula in the kitchen display. At 3 inches thick, it was finished with the exclusive Durata® Waterproof permanent finish.

During the show, Wellborn hosted a presentation by master designer Matthew Ferrarini, who spoke about this year’s hottest design trends.

Grothouse Wood Countertop Representatives at KBIS 2020 Wellborn Cabinet Booth
Jeannine Price and Jennifer Kell of Grothouse at the Wellborn Booth

Pictured are Jeannine Price and Jennifer Kell of Grothouse.

The Monogram Booth

Industry Rockstar and renowned designer Richard Anuszkiewicz brought a fresh take on cutting-edge design in kitchens for Monogram Appliances. The booth featured four distinct spaces, each with their own themes and all with one goal: to challenge the status quo. A big element in the kitchens was the return of the kitchen table married with cooking elements. Learn more behind the design on Kitchen & Bath Design News. It is with much sincerity we wish Monogram and Richard a huge congratulations for winning Best of Show!

The Grothouse Table

Grothouse Wood and Metal Table Design by Richard Anuszkiewicz for Monogram's Booth at KBIS 2020
Table Design by Richard Anuszkiewicz for Monogram’s Booth at KBIS 2020

Grothouse crafted a custom table; featuring a handplaned Wenge base. The tops, however, were split. One side featured a handplaned Wenge top.

Custom Table in KBIS 2020 Monogram Appliances Booth designed by Richard Anuszkiewicz
Table Design by Richard Anuszkiewicz for Monogram’s Booth at KBIS

The other side features stainless steel countertops that are integrated with two brand new appliances Monogram introduced at the show. The apron is also stainless steel.

Half Metal Half Wenge Table in Monogram's Booth at KBIS 2020
Half Metal Half Wenge Table in Monogram’s Booth

There are Anvil™ metal finished accents on the apron and between the two surfaces. Overall table size was a massive 5’ x 12’-6”.

Charcuterie by Board & You on Custom Wenge Wood Table at KBIS 2020
Charcuterie by Board & You

During the show, Monogram had the table decked out with beautiful charcuterie by Board & You.

Grothouse Wood Surfaces Team gets together with customers from the northeast and midatlantic
Grothouse Team Get Together with Customers

The Grothouse team had a great time and enjoyed a get together with customers from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

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2020 Kitchen Design Trend: Metal Accents

One of the hottest kitchen design trends in 2020 will be incorporating metal accents into designs. Grothouse makes it easy to add metal accents on any piece we craft with our Anvil™ line of metal finishes.

2020 Kitchen Design Trend is incorporating Metal Accents
Design by New Ravenna

What is Anvil™?

Anvil™ is our proprietary line of metal finishes. In other words, we take any solid surface, wood or composite substrate, and coat it with a finish that consists of real metal particles. When the metal finish is applied to the surface, it looks as if the surface is made of real metal. Just like real metal countertops Anvil™ is a real living finish and will naturally patina over time like real metal should.

Why is Anvil™ the preferred choice over real metal countertops? Sheet metal products cannot be designed for curved profile applications and complex shapes, however, when a surface is made of wood or composite substrate, the design possibilities are limitless.

Another perk to Anvil™ finished surfaces is that they are naturally warm to the touch, since they are made of wood, and comfortable to lean on, have a cup of coffee or enjoy a martini. Metal countertops are naturally cold to the touch. In addition, wood helps to quiet a room. Real metal countertops tend to add to the noise.

Anvil™ Metal Finishes

There are 8 different colors available in the Anvil™ line, each representing different metal types: Axel, Kratos, Ferrum, Medallion, Exodus, Magnum, Palladium and Argentum.

Grothouse Anvil Metal Accent Color Options
Grothouse Anvil Metal Finishes

Brass and copper will be especially popular metal colors this year. For a copper look, you’ll want to go with Kratos. It even oxidizes like real copper. For a brass look, Magnum has the perfect luxe warmth.

“Grothouse Anvil™ metal finished surfaces are ideal for designers looking for a high end, unique product,” states President, Paul Grothouse. “With designs trending towards a marriage of varied materials, the Anvil line offers unique and versatile new design options.”

Ideas for Incorporating Metal Accents

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Design with an Anvil Metal Kitchen Countertop
Tom Little Photography

Designed by Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath in collaboration with Wildman Chalmers Design, the kitchen island features an Anvil metal finished countertop on one end. This countertop is made of Cherry wood and coated in our Anvil Palladium finish.

Floating Shelves

Butlers Pantry with Floating Shelves featuring Anvil Metal Finished Edges
Photography by David A. Land

Riftsawn White Oak wood shelves were designed by Matthew Quinn of Design Galleria for this butler’s pantry. To make the shelves stand out, Matthew selected the Anvil Magnum metal finish for the shelf edges. (And now we want floating shelves with metal edges, too!)

Range Hoods 

Anvil Metal Range Hood in an all white kitchen design
Scott Bergmann Photography

How classy is this Anvil metal range hood designed by Michael English of Teakwood Builders? It stands out beautifully against the white cabinetry, creating a focal point.

Bar Tops

Anvil Metal Finished Curved Bar Top with Rivets
Design by Distinctive Design LLC

Who wouldn’t want to cozy up to this curved bar designed by Distinctive Design LLC? A composite substrate coated with Anvil Ferrum metal finish. It also includes 22 faux metal rivets to give the design some edge.


Walnut Wood Table with Anvil Magnum Metal Edges
Design by Matthew Quinn

Matthew Quinn designed a Walnut wood table to feature Magnum metal edging around the table top and the table base. By adding a metal accent, this table radiates luxury.

Want to see more designs with Anvil metal accents? Follow @grothouseinc on Instagram and like our Facebook page! Interested in Anvil metal accents for your own home? Contact us to find a Grothouse dealer near you.

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Anvil Metal Shelves

Anvil Metal Shelves are a unique way to differentiate any design. Shelves can be designed for any space, any style, any application.

Anvil Metal Shelves Exclusively Available at Grothouse
Anvil Metal Finished Shelves

Most often shelves are designed to be used as open shelves. They can also be designed to add some sparkle inside of cabinets with glass doors.

Anvil™ is a luxurious and versatile metal finish exclusively offered on Grothouse solid wood surfaces. The finish is applied to solid wood or a composite substrate. Anvil™ line finishes allow the natural grain and imperfections of wood to show through. Just like real metal countertops, Anvil™ surfaces develop a rich aged patina over time, and slight imperfections and variations in color are inherent in the finish process.

Some shelf designs feature Anvil metal on the entire shelf, while other designs highlight portions of the shelves with a metal finish. There are eight different metal coating colors available, including Magnum which is brass/gold in color, Kratos which is copper in color, Medallion and Exodus which are more bronze in color, and Axel, Ferrum, Palladium and Argentum which are more silver in color.

Anvil Metal Shelves | Design Inspiration

Anvil Metal Open Shelving
Anvil Metal Finished Open Shelving

Matthew Quinn designed Anvil™ Argentum metal finished shelves for the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2016.

Open shelves with Metal Edging
Open Shelves with Anvil Metal Finished Edges

Matthew Quinn also designed shelves for the House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House with Anvil Magnum metal finished edging.

To learn more about Anvil Shelves, visit our website

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Grothouse Solid Surfaces in Whole Home Concept House

Grothouse was thrilled to partner with the prestigious Matthew Quinn to craft custom solid surfaces for House Beautiful’s Whole Home Concept House in Nashville, Tennessee.

Grothouse Solid Surfaces in House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House in Nashville, Tennessee
Photography by David A. Land

House Beautiful teamed up with forward-thinking designers from across the country to build a house from the ground up and craft its rooms with a family’s total joy in mind. The result of this 6,201-square-foot haven is more than a home – it’s an experience.

The Kitchen | Whole Home Concept House

When dreaming up a new kitchen, it’s tempting to focus on the “pretty bits”: cabinet colorsquartz-versus-natural-stone surfaces, hardware finishes. But kitchen-and-bath expert Matthew Quinn starts with what’s practical.

Grothouse White Oak Wood Countertop for House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House
Photography by David A. Land

An easy-clean Caesarstone quartz countertop is paired with a Grothouse Flat Grain White Oak Riftsawn countertop. The wood countertop features an arc and a custom stain. In addition, it has a charging pad built right in (meaning no tangled cords cluttering up your kitchen).

Butler’s Pantry | Whole Home Concept House

To make sure this smaller space didn’t feel too tight, Quinn used open shelving on one wall, flanking the window and sink—and on the other side, upper cabinets have mesh screen inserts.

Grothouse Wood Shelves with Anvil Metal Finished Edges in House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House
Photography by David A. Land

Grothouse crafted the open shelves in Flat Grain construction out of White Oak Riftsawn wood to match the kitchen countertop. The shelves feature a notched radius corner and Anvil™ Magnum metal finished edges.

If you are in Nashville, you can take a tour of the house! Or you can visit House Beautiful‘s YouTube channel to watch every step of the journey. Learn more about the House Beautiful Whole Home Concept House by clicking here!

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Anvil Palladium Metal Countertop designed by Jacob Evans and Bath

Our Custom Wood Countertops Blog features the industry’s most talented and innovative designers throughout the United States and abroad. This featured kitchen includes an Anvil™ Palladium Metal Countertop designed by Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath in collaboration with Wildman Chalmers Design.

Anvil Palladium Metal Countertop designed by Jacob Evans and Bath
Tom Little Photography

Design Details

Grothouse crafted a flat grain Cherry with sapwood countertop that features a 1/2″ Chamfer edge profile. To achieve an appearance similar to cast or rolled metal, Anvil™ metal finish was applied in the coating color Palladium.

Contractor: Century Interiors

Cabinetry: Mouser Custom Cabinetry

Cabinet Hardware: Top Knobs

Other Countertops: Cambria; Polarstone

Fixtures: Brizo

Anvil Palladium Metal Kitchen Countertop designed by Jacob Evans and Bath
Tom Little Photography
Anvil Palladium Metal Kitchen Island Countertop designed by Jacob Evans and Bath
Tom Little Photography
Anvil Palladium Metal Kitchen Island Countertop designed by Jacob Evans and Bath
Tom Little Photography

Follow Jacob Evans Kitchen and Bath on Houzz to see more of their beautiful designs! Visit to learn more about Anvil™ Metal Countertops.

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Anvil Argentum Metal Kitchen Countertop designed by Todd Wiley of TruKitchens

Our Custom Wood Countertops Blog features the industry’s most talented and innovative designers throughout the United States and abroad. This featured design includes a custom Anvil™ Argentum Metal Kitchen Countertop designed by Todd Wiley, Senior Designer, TruKitchens.

Anvil Argentum Metal Kitchen Countertop designed by Todd Wiley of TruKitchens
Todd Wiley of TruKitchens

About the Designer: Todd Wiley, TruKitchen’s Senior Designer, has been working in the industry for the past 25 years. His passion ignited in college when he started working for a builder and cabinet shop owner. Realizing that he had to immerse himself in the industry to learn, he took a job at local shop on the Lake Michigan shoreline. As his passions grew, he moved on to Standard Kitchen Distributors where he continued to master the trade. This experience gave him the exposure to the systems and process that he was searching for. Feeling like there was more to learn on the design-end of the business, Todd then spent 7 years at a Cascade based design shop. For him, this experience gave him what he needed to further pursue his passion and open his own design shop, which is where he is today.

Designer Tip: “Be willing to break the rules and adapt to client needs. In this instance, every member of the family is over 6 feet tall and we wanted to ensure the design wasn’t just aesthetically pleasing, but comfortable for them to use as well. The counter height in the kitchen is 38” and we had custom cabinetry built taller to accommodate.”

Anvil™ Argentum Metal Kitchen Countertop

Anvil Argentum Metal Kitchen Countertop designed by TruKitchens in Cedar, MI
Design by TruKitchens | Photography by M-Buck Studio
Anvil Argentum Metal Kitchen Countertop designed by TruKitchens for a home by Little Traverse Lake
Design by TruKitchens | Photography by M-Buck Studio
Metal Finished L Shaped Kitchen Island Countertop for a home by Little Traverse Lake in Michigan
Design by TruKitchens | Photography by M-Buck Studio
Metal Countertop for a kitchen located near Little Traverse Lake in Cedar, Michigan
Design by TruKitchens | Photography by M-Buck Studio

Design Details

Cabinet Manufacturer: Grabill Cabinetry in Greyhound finish on their Lacunar door style

Cabinet Hardware: Polished Nickel

Countertops: Cambria Whitehall, Grothouse Anvil™ Argentum Metal Finished Kitchen Countertop

Backsplash: Cambria Full Slab Whitehall

Stove: Wolf Stainless Steel Natural Gas Cooktop,

Oven: Wolf Stainless Steel E-Series Built-in Wall Oven

Dishwasher: Bosch Benchmark Series- Panel Ready

Other Appliances: Sub-Zero SubZero Integrated Bottom Mount Refrigerator with 2 Freezer Drawers- Panel Ready, Sub-Zero Built-In Wine Storage, Wolf  Dropdown Door Microwave, JennAir Trash Compactor- Panel Ready

Other Items, Comments, Advice: Builder: Falcon Custom Homes, Designer: Rock Kauffman Design, Architect: Visbeen Architects, Photographer: M-Buck Studio


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Anvil Metal Counters for White Cabinetry

A popular trend in today’s luxury homes are custom Anvil™ metal counters designed for white cabinetry, especially the cooler-toned metal finishes.

Anvil Metal Counters in White Cabinetry
Anvil Metal Counters in White Cabinetry

The cooler-toned Anvil™ metal finishes available include Axel, Ferrum, Palladium and Argentum. Even though they are cooler-toned finishes, they are warm to the touch like solid wood surfaces. The cooler-toned look combined with the natural warmth is causing more and more designers to feature these surfaces on white cabinetry.

Cool-toned Anvil Metal Counter Finishes Available for Kitchen Countertops and Bar Tops
Cool-toned Anvil Metal Finishes

The Argentum finish closely represents the look of nickel silver, matching perfectly with nickel silver cabinetry hardware and fixtures. The Ferrum finish is more like the color of iron or zinc countertops, while Palladium is like white gold. Axel is close to stainless steel or pewter in color, making it perfect for complementing stainless steel appliances.

White Cabinetry with Metal Counters

Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Bar Top for white cabinets is curved and has faux metal rivets
Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Bar Top

Distinctive Design LLC designed a curved Anvil™ Ferrum metal bar top for this mostly white space. This curve was achieved because the counter is crafted from a composite substrate and not sheet metal. 22 faux metal rivets add character along the edge of the top.

Anvil Palladium Metal Counter for white cabinetry creates an elegant wet bar in a living room
Anvil™ Palladium Metal Counter

John Troxell of Wood-Mode, Inc. designed an Anvil™ Palladium metal counter for this wet bar with white cabinetry. The counter complements the appliances and cabinet hardware.

Anvil™ Palladium Metal Top

Kitchenscapes designed an Anvil™ Palladium metal top for white cabinetry in this space. The metal top creates a safe place to set china and glassware, as well as matching the cabinet hardware.

To see more metal counters designed for white cabinetry, visit the Grothouse Image Library.

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Custom Table by Grothouse for Liebherr Booth at KBIS 2018

A Custom Table crafted by Grothouse was designed by Richard Anuszkiewicz of Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects for the Liebherr Booth at KBIS 2018.

Custom Table designed by Richard Anuszkiewicz for KBIS 2018 Liebherr Booth
Design by Richard Anuszkiewicz for KBIS 2018 Liebherr Booth

This booth unveiled the groundbreaking Liebherr Monolith – a refrigerator built for the future with whisper quiet operation and advanced technology. 84 inches from top to bottom, this impressive monumental wonder of German engineering takes food preservation to a new level. With superior food-saving advancements and energy efficiency, Monolith is a fusion of technical genius and practical ingenuity.

Custom Table Details

Custom Stained White Oak Table Top features a Chevron Pattern and Brass Inset Screws
Custom Stained White Oak Table Top features a Chevron Pattern and Brass Inset Screws

The three inch thick table top was crafted out of White Oak. It features a chevron pattern and inset brass screws down the center of the table top. A custom stain was used to achieve the white color. An eighth inch Roundover was selected for the top, bottom and vertical edges of the table top for a sleek look.

Custom Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Finished Table Base and Base Foot
Custom Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Finished Table Base and Base Foot

The table base and base foot are coated in Anvil™ Ferrum metal finish with a Durata® Satin top coat. The Ferrum finish replicates the gray color of iron, matching the grays used throughout the rest of the design. The edges of the base were rounded a quarter inch to continue the sleek look of the table top.

Grothouse is honored to have crafted a table for the unveiling of this stunning Monolith inception kitchen. To see more custom tables by Grothouse, visit the Countertop Image Library on our website.

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