Custom Distressed Walnut Countertop in a kitchen designed by Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths

Our Custom Wood Countertops Blog features the industry’s most talented and innovative designers throughout the United States and abroad. This featured kitchen includes a Distressed Walnut Countertop designed by Chip Tiber, CKD, NCIDQ, of Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths.

Distressed Walnut Countertop designed by Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths
Custom Distressed Walnut Countertop designed by Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths

About the Designer: Chip Tiber is a certified designer with Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths located in the Greater Cleveland area. He has extensive experience in kitchen and bath design, lighting design, construction, and interior design. His experience enables him to fully comprehend the relationship between excellent design and functional spaces. Chip’s certifications include NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) and CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer).

A Tip from Chip: A well-defined kitchen uses a mixture of materials to provide both strong and subtle contrasts of texture. Contrast is defining and distinctive, but the blending character is balance. It is this harmonious balance which says “there is something so inviting about this space.”

Distressed Walnut Countertop with a sink designed by Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths
Distressed Walnut Countertop designed by Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths

Design Details

Cabinet Manufacturer: Mouser Custom Cabinetry

Cabinet Hardware: Top Knobs

Flooring: Wood


Perimeter – Honed Marble

Island – 1 3/4″ thick Flat Grain Walnut with sapwood countertop features a Standard Roman Ogee edge profile. It is distressed to level 4 with a hand rubbed black glaze and sealed with our exclusive Durata® Permanent Finish in Satin sheen.

Stove: Wolf Range

Other Appliances: Sub-Zero Refrigeration

Additional Comments and Advice: When designing an over-sized island, consider warm materials such as this 1 3/4″ thick wood countertop fabricated by Grothouse. The distressed and glazed Walnut wood, which includes some sapwood, invites family and friends to gather for meals and conversations. The warmth of these materials encourages guests to linger and the generous expanse of the counter provides ample space for enjoyment.

View additional designs by Studio 76 Kitchens & Baths on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Houzz. To see more designs including a Distressed Walnut Countertop, visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library. Stay up to date with Grothouse news and announcements by liking our page on Facebook.

Distressed Wood Countertops

Grothouse Distressed Wood Countertops are the perfect component for those trying to achieve a rustic, old-world feel in their home. All Grothouse wood surfaces can be distressed to evoke the appearance of a truly original antique.

Cherry Distressed Wood Countertops
Grothouse Distressed Wood Countertops

Distressed Wood Countertops | The Process

The deliberate process of crafting Distressed Wood Countertops is carefully executed to mimic the hard use or elemental wear that is seen over time. Distressing can be done to the top, side, and bottom edges of the countertop. The process of distressing is done very carefully to assure that the wear does not look “purposeful” or “factory made”.

Distressed Wood Countertops | The Levels

Grothouse offers distressing in several different levels: four basic levels and one super distressed level. To confirm the correct level of distressing, Grothouse will require approval of a distressed sample prior to production.

Distressing Level 1: Lightly worn corners and edges; light dings.

The Walnut wood counter pictured below is distressed to Level #1 on the top of the surface. The edges are distressed to Level #3. A hand rubbed Black Glaze has been applied to the counter and is sealed with Durata® Finish in Satin.

Distressed Wood Countertops for kitchen island
Walnut Wood Counter Distressed to Level 1, designed by homeowners in Pennsylvania

Distressing Level 2: Moderate worn corners and edges; moderate dings and light drag marks.

The distressed wood countertop below was crafted for the This Old House® Auburndale Project in 2011. This Sapele Mahogany wood countertop was distressed to Level #2 with hand rubbed Black Glaze and sealed with Durata® Finish in Satin.

Distressed Wood Countertops on This Old House TV Show
Level 2 Distressed Wood Countertop on This Old House® Auburndale Project

Distressing Level 3: Heavily worn corners and edges; numerous dings; spotty worm holes and moderate drag marks

Distressing Level 4: Very heavily and unevenly worn corners and edges; plentiful dings; clusters of worm holes; plentiful drag marks and termite tracks.

Below is a Beech Wood Vanity that was distressed to Level 4 with a hand rubbed Black Glaze (Margamo – #04715). This vanity was finished with Durata® Finish in Satin.

Distressed Wood Countertops for bathrooms by Grothouse
Wood Vanity Top distressed to Level 4 designed by Echelon Custom Homes

Super Distressed: Very heavily and very unevenly worn corners and edges; plentiful dings and notch marks; clusters of worm holes; plentiful scratches and drag marks; waffle hammer dings and circular dings; heavy edge nicks; termite tracks.

The Sapele Mahogany wood countertop pictured below is super distressed.

Super Distressed Wood Countertops by Grothouse
Super Distressed Sapele Mahogany Wood Countertop

Distressed Wood Countertops | The Finish Options

Distressed Wood Countertops are typically finished with our waterproof, permanent Durata® Finish. This finish is offered in available in Satin, Matte or Semi-Gloss sheen. This is a maintenance free finish, but you cannot chop directly on this finish.

Glaze and stain can be added to accentuate the distressing. Distressed Wood Countertops are typically hand rubbed with Black Glaze. Any wood countertop with glaze or stain must be sealed with our Durata® Finish.

Distressed Wood Countertops can also be finished with Grothouse Original Oil™. Grothouse Oil is a pure mineral oil used for lasting protection on wood surfaces. Grothouse Original Oil™ Finish is completely food safe and can be used on food preparation surfaces. This finish requires ongoing maintenance.

You can view more Distressed Wood Countertops in the Grothouse Countertop Image Library.