Three-ton Solid Wood Bathtub

Is it possible to make a solid wood bathtub out of one three-ton mass of wood, without any glue or epoxy – and can it be done sustainably? The answer is uncovered in an article written by Bill Esler of Woodworking Network on August 7.

Three-ton Solid Wood Bathtub one of the latest wood innovations
Three-ton Solid Wood Bathtub | Photo via Woodworking Network

Timber Neutral fashioned this three-ton solid wood bathtub, along with other wood tubs, for Amelie & Max, a retailer in Toronto. “The goal was to make a 100% natural object and a reflection of the organic nature of wood and true to the spirit of the tree,” said Fiona French of Timber Neutral.

Timber Neutral states that there is something within the fiber of wood that no other material can capture – the vitality and uniqueness of an organic object. The tubs are said to be the fusion of high-tech craftsmanship and the originality and form of solid wood.

Each tub is made from a solid, single 6,600-pound block of wood that has been painstakingly carved down to create a two-person tub. Each tub is unlike any other, and is sold at retail cost of $34,000 at Amelie & Max.

Harvested in Columbian forests, the trees must be very large to produce such a large block of wood, so Timber Neutral goes to lengths to make the case that the harvesting is sustainable. Each tub is given an individual identification, bearing the personalized name of a tree, reflecting both the personality of the bath and its exotic origin.

While Timber Neutral has no plans to continue making these massive wood tubs, a few of the limited collection are available in North America and sold exclusively through

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Source: Woodworking Network

Custom Wood Surfaces for Small Spaces

Custom wood surfaces for small spaces are always a genius idea. Wood surfaces can be designed to include a multitude of features that add function and value to a small space. Most wood surfaces can be used for food preparation as well as a dining area, depending on the construction style of the wood and the finish you choose for the surface. Wood also helps to quiet down a space. Keep reading for some design inspiration of small spaces with custom wood surfaces by Grothouse.

Custom Wood Surfaces for Small Spaces | Design Inspiration

Custom Wood Surfaces designed by Griffey Remodeling for a small kitchen
Design by Griffey Remodeling

These Maple wood countertops were designed by Griffey Remodeling for this small kitchen in Columbus, Ohio. The piece to the right of the stove features a drop leaf extension with hidden hardware.

Custom Wood Surfaces with Drop Leaf Extension
Drop Leaf Extension. Design by Griffey Remodeling

When the drop leaf is in the up position, it allows for additional counter space. When it is down, it allows for more kitchen space. Custom wood surfaces including a drop leaf feature are perfect for small spaces.

Custom wood surfaces in a small space designed by Chris Greenawalt of Bunker Workshop
Design by Chris Greenawalt of Bunker Workshop

This space in Boston, Massachusetts was designed by Chris Greenawalt of Bunker Workshop. This space includes a custom maple wood countertop along the very back wall with an undermount sink. The space also includes a matching maple Pastore™ table. The countertop along the back wall provides extra counter space for food preparation. The Pastore™ table provides more counter space, for laundry or food preparation. It can also serve as a dining area if desired.

Custom wood surfaces designed by Stefan Hurray of Architect Design
Design by Stefan Hurray of Architect Design

The entry way pictured above was designed by Stefan Hurray of Architect Design. Stefan designed custom walnut wood countertops for this space with distressing to level 4. The wood countertops help to quiet down the small area, while also adding character and warmth.

To see more designs of custom wood surfaces for small spaces, visit our Houzz or Pinterest profiles.

Build Ambiance with Commercial Wood Surfaces

Build Ambiance with Commercial Wood Surfaces for Restaurants and Bars
Build Ambiance with Commercial Wood Surfaces

Grothouse commercial wood surfaces are the perfect addition for evoking comfort and building ambiance at any bar or restaurant.  Wood surfaces are a naturally warm material – much warmer than plastic, metal, or stone surfaces. Wood also absorbs sound and helps quiet a room full of guests, creating a more intimate atmosphere. Its forgiving nature avoids accidental chips to fine china and stemware, and its beauty helps you spare the expense of weekly linen service.

Commercial Wood Surfaces

Most Grothouse Commercial Wood Surfaces for restaurants and bars are finished with Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish, a proven finish that withstands the wear and tear of commercial environments. It’s maintenance free finish leaves treated surfaces completely waterproof. Water left on the surface dries with no water rings. Red wine, vinegar, alcohol, soaps and coffee will not affect the finish.  Want to see our Durata® finish in action?  Perilla Restaurant, 9 Jones Street New York features Grothouse tables with Durata® finish that have been used continuously since 2007.

Catelli Duo is a restaurant and wine bar in Voorhees, New Jersey that features Grothouse Live Edge and Walnut Wood Tables. According to Catelli Duo, their restaurant offers a contemporary concept in fine dining – inviting, approachable and intimate. They offer a place where people can gather in an elegant yet vibrant atmosphere and interact freely with great food and one another. The wood surfaces they designed for their restaurant fit perfectly with the atmosphere in their restaurant. Below are images of the restaurant. Click here to learn more about the commercial wood surfaces.

Restaurant Wood Tables at Catelli Duo
Catelli Duo Restaurant with Wood Surfaces
Commercial Wood Surfaces at Catelli Duo
Catelli Duo Restaurant with Wood Surfaces
Restaurant Wood Tables at Catelli Duo
Catelli Duo Restaurant with Wood Surfaces

The Brittingham’s Irish Pub & Restaurant in Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania has an immaculate custom Ash Elephant Bar Top produced by Grothouse. Brittingham’s mission is to create a place where guests stay long, enjoy fully, and leave reluctantly. The bar top cohesively fits into their mission. Grothouse crated custom ash dowels to fit in the brass elephant hooks. You can learn more information about this commercial bar top here and you can see images of the bar below.

Restaurant Wood Bar Top
Brittingham’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Wood Bar Top
Restaurant Wood Bar Top
Brittingham’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Wood Bar Top
Commercial Wood Surfaces for a Restaurant
Brittingham’s Irish Pub & Restaurant Wood Bar Top

The New Continental Tavern is a pub in Yardley, Pennsylvania that has a Sapele Mahogany Wood Bar Top. The bar top includes Chicago Bar Rail and a 4 inch drink rail. The Continental offers the finest in Tavern Fare and Sumptuous Spirits, in an atmosphere that is comfortable, inviting and reminiscent of bygone days when hospitality was paramount. The custom wood bar top crafted for The Continental adds to its warmth and charm.

Commercial Wood Bar Top
The New Continental Tavern Wood Bar Top
Commercial Wood surfaces in Pennsylvania
The New Continental Tavern Wood Bar Top

You can view more restaurants and bars with Grothouse Commercial Wood Surfaces in our Countertop Image Library.