Grothouse Wood Countertops in House Magazine

Grothouse Wood Countertops are thrilled to be featured in the latest House Magazine Issue IV 2018. The feature is all thanks to Jeannine Price, Grothouse Regional Sales Representative, for winning first place in the IDS Swatched 2018 design game.

Grothouse Wood Countertops featured in the latest House Magazine Issue IV 2018
House Magazine Issue IV 2018

Part of the winning prize was an article in House magazine, in which Jeannine speaks about her experience as an interior designer, how it got her to where she is today and current countertop design trends.

Designs featured in House Magazine

A top design trend Jeannine mentions in her article is mixing countertop materials. Contrasting elements are the secret ingredients that give memorable spaces their impact.

Grothouse Wood Countertop Article in House Magazine Issue IV 2018
Grothouse Wood Countertop Article

The first design that was featured in the article was a kitchen designed by Mick De Giulio. The kitchen was designed for House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year in 2012. White cabinetry and a Grothouse Wenge counter were combined create a large kitchen island with plenty of prep and seating space.

Moving to the right is a modern farmhouse style kitchen with a Grothouse Reclaimed Wood counter for the island designed by Coastal Cabinet Works. Taking center stage of this kitchen, the Reclaimed counter adds warmth to this otherwise all white space.

Also designed by Coastal Cabinet Works is the transitional kitchen in the bottom left. The Grothouse wood countertop on the island matches the wood doors on the cabinetry. Overall this kitchen has a very classy, elegant yet glamorous appeal.

Last but not least is the contemporary design by Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath in the bottom right. A large White Oak Half Parsons table was crafted for this L shaped island.

Click here to download the digital edition and read the full House magazine article!

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Best of Houzz 2019 Wood Bar Top

Congratulations to Archipelago Hawaii for winning “Best Of Design” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home renovation and design. The Best of Houzz 2019 Tuscan style home design featured a Grothouse Wood Bar Top.

Best of Houzz 2019 Wood Bar Top by Grothouse in Hawaii
Photographer: Augie Salbosa

Best of Houzz 2019

Houzz provides people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. From decorating a small room to building a custom home and everything in between, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world.

Best of Houzz winners were chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 2.1 million active home building, remodeling and design industry professionals. The Best Of Houzz badge is awarded annually, in three categories: Design, Customer Service and Photography. Design awards honor professionals whose work was the most popular among the Houzz community.

Grothouse Wood Bar Top

A custom Grothouse wood bar top was crafted for the Tuscan style home located in Hawaii. This bar says “Aloha” with its arced bar top for seating and Hawaiian flower design.  A decorative edge profile on the bar top adds flair, which is carried out in the cabinetry. The warm wood bar top creates the perfect place for entertaining guests.

Best of Houzz 2019 Wood Bar Top by Grothouse with Arc and Decorative Edge Profile in Hawaii
Photographer: Augie Salbosa

Click here to see more of the Best of Houzz 2019 design! See more Best of Houzz living room designs by viewing this ideabook. Follow Grothouse on Houzz for wood bar top inspiration.

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2019 Kitchen Island Trends

2019 Kitchen Island Trends create gathering spaces for entertaining and increase functionality of space in the form of multi-level islands and movable islands.

2019 Kitchen Island Trends | Multi-Level Islands

Islands are being upgraded with dedicated dining space that is set apart by contrasting counters in different heights and materials, a table base and built-in banquette seating.

2019 Kitchen Island Trends multi-level islands with wood countertops for dining and granite for food prep
Designed by Karen Schone of Designers Point | Visual Memories Photography

Karen Schone of Designers Point designed this multi-level island to include a Grothouse Walnut wood countertop as the table top and a granite countertop for the other section. The wood top is perfect for dining and the granite for food prep. If needed, the wood top can also be used for food prep.

2019 Kitchen Island Trends multi-level islands with banquette seating wood table tops and metal bases
Design by Richard Thomas Anuszkiewicz for Liebherr Booth at KBIS 2018

Ahead of his time, Richard Thomas Anuszkiewicz designed this space featuring a multi-level island for the Liebherr booth last year at KBIS 2018. This island features a built-in banquette dining area. The table includes a Grothouse White Oak Bleached wood countertop with an Anvil Ferrum finished metal table base. The countertops on the other sections of the island were supplied by Kelya – Natural Collection by Dekton.

2019 Kitchen Island Trends | Movable Islands

Islands are handy as prep surfaces and extra seating, but they don’t need to be set in stone. In 2019, movable islands will grow in popularity as they offer flexibility when entertaining, and can be designed perfectly for small spaces.

2019 Kitchen Island Trends Movable Islands with Wheels and Wood Countertops
Design by Jon de la Cruz for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017

This space was designed by Jon de la Cruz for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017. Grothouse American Black Walnut countertops and metal frames create the slim, movable island. The island ties in the matching Walnut wood shelves. and adds warmth to the white and black design.

Stay tuned as we release more 2019 kitchen island trends by following Grothouse on Houzz, Instagram or Facebook! View more designs including Grothouse wood countertops on the Countertop Image Library.

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Wood on Wood (on Wood)

According to Houzz, one of 32 home design trends that will rule in 2019 is wood on wood kitchens.

“Many of the most popular kitchen photos in 2018 featured lots of wood, and it’s easy to see why. Wood adds loads of warmth and character, and it pairs well with whites and grays, two of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets and walls,” stated Mitchel Parker.

Designer Jennifer Ott noticed an increase in interest for medium-tone woods, rather than super dark or super light woods. Medium-tone woods include Grothouse exclusive species Kensington™ wood and Saxon Wood™, Sapele Mahogany, Teak, Walnut and Zebrawood. To achieve a medium-tone you can choose a lighter wood, like Ash or Maple, and then select a Grothouse stock stain. Custom stain matching is also available.

Wood on Wood Kitchens

Using different elements of wood is also used to add charm to kitchen designs. The farmhouse kitchen style trend that has been gaining popularity every year for the past three years, according to the recent Houzz kitchen trends report.

Wood on Wood Kitchens Farmhouse Style Designs This Old House Idea House 2018
Nat Rea Photography

This farmhouse style kitchen was part of the This Old House® Idea House 2018 in Narragansett, Rhode Island. A Grothouse Walnut wood countertop was custom crafted for the kitchen island. In addition, Walnut wood shelves were crafted by Grothouse to match the island countertop. Stools with wooden seats and wood floors tie in this wood on wood kitchen.

Visit the virtual Grothouse Image Library to see more designs of wood on wood kitchens. Follow @grothouseinc on Instagram and @woodcountertops on Pinterest for daily wood countertop inspiration!

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2019 Countertop Trends

In 2019 Countertop Trends are all about allowing raw materials to shine on their own. Kitchens will be pared down with reclaimed wood, butcher block countertops, and matte finishes.

2019 Countertop Trends

2019 Countertop Trends Reclaimed Wood Countertops for Kitchens crafted by Grothouse
Design by KDW Home | Kip Dawkins Photography

To us, Reclaimed wood countertops will always be in. Reclaimed wood fits the minimalist trend for the new year, adding just enough character to any kitchen design with its natural imperfections. We offer a variety of reclaimed wood species, like Chestnut and Oak.

2019 Countertop Trends Butcher Block Countertops for Kitchens crafted by Grothouse
Design by Julie Cavanaugh of Design Matters

Butcher block countertops by Grothouse are custom wood countertops crafted in end grain construction style. End grain construction style is the kindest to knives and keeps them sharp. In addition, butcher block countertops tend to be self-healing and most knife marks disappear after cleaning. After years of use, they can be sanded and re-oiled to look like new again. They require very little maintenance, as they only need to be oiled when they appear dry. Their functionality and natural beauty is what makes them a continuous trend in kitchens and other spaces year after year.

2019 Countertop Trends Matte Finishes Wood Countertops for Kitchens crafted by Grothouse
Design by Todd Wiley, Senior Designer, TruKitchens | Photography by Chuck Heiney

Our exclusive Durata® waterproof permanent finish is predicted to be requested in the matte sheen. Matte finishes are said to be used throughout kitchens in the new year, from cabinetry to appliances; and we don’t see why that wouldn’t apply to countertops as well. Wood countertops with a matte finish have a forever-cool allure that is certain to never go out of style.

Stay tuned as we unveil more 2019 countertop trends by following @grothouseinc on Instagram and liking our page on Facebook!

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Southside Virginia Counter Tops

Handcrafted in our shop, southside Virginia counter tops are custom made for any style kitchen design, ranging from transitional to modern farmhouse to contemporary.

Wood Types for Southside Virginia Counter Tops

A variety of wood types are selected by designers for counter tops in southside Virginia and other areas of the state. Some of the most popular wood counter selections include White Oak, Reclaimed Chestnut, Ash and Walnut.

Rift White Oak Southside Virginia Counter Tops custom crafted by Grothouse
Design by BCN Homes

BCN Homes designed a Rift White Oak waterfall counter for a transitional home located in Virginia. This counter matches the wood barn door and open floating shelves also incorporated in the kitchen.

Reclaimed Chestnut Southside Virginia Counter Tops custom crafted by Grothouse
Design by Shawna Dillon of Studio Snaidero D.C. Metro | Gordon Beall Photography

This kitchen won the Kitchen & Bath Business magazine’s Showroom of the Year 2016 Award! Designed by Shawna Dillon of Studio Snaidero D.C. Metro, a clean planed Reclaimed Chestnut counter makes the perfect island bar top in this Virginia kitchen.

Stained Ash Wood Southside Virginia Counter Tops crafted by Grothouse
Design by Shawna Dillon of Studio Snaidero D.C. Metro | Gordon Beall Photography

Also designed by Shawna Dillon of Studio Snaidero D.C. Metro, this modern kitchen includes an Ash table top for the end of the island. Naturally, Ash is a light colored wood, but this top was stained to look like a darker wood. Designers often select Ash with a stain because Ash is a less expensive choice and is easy to customize for any space. This kitchen also won the Kitchen & Bath Business magazine’s Showroom of the Year 2016 Award!

Walnut Wood Southside Virginia Counter Tops custom crafted by Grothouse
Design by Lobkovich

Lobkovich designed a Walnut countertop to double as a kitchen island top and a dining table top for a traditional kitchen located in Virginia. This kitchen also includes a desk top that matches the Walnut countertop.

Visit the image library on our website to see more kitchen designs in Southside Virginia with Grothouse wood counter tops.

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Faux Live Edge Countertops

Faux live edge countertops are artisan crafted with meticulous care to look very similar to a true live edge slab. The faux live edge detailing replicates wood’s natural contours. Given its handmade and hand-finished nature, each countertop is unique and no two are exactly alike.

Faux Live Edge Countertops
Faux Live Edge Countertops

Designs with Faux Live Edge Countertops

Tigerwood Faux Live Edge Countertop for Raised Kitchen Island Bar Seating
Tigerwood Faux Live Edge Countertop

A Tigerwood countertop was designed by Brooke Eversoll CKBD for S & W Kitchens Inc. featuring a faux live edge along the front. The faux live edge draws attention and visual interest, creating a gathering spot for family and friends.

Walnut Faux Live Edge Counter designed for a long kitchen island end
Walnut Faux Live Edge Counter | Photography by Benjamin Hill Photography

Scott Haig, CKD and Co-Designer Randy Godeau of Bay Area Kitchens designed this kitchen to feature two Walnut countertops with faux live edges. One countertop was designed for the end of the kitchen island.

Walnut Faux Live Edge Counter Kitchen Island End
Walnut Faux Live Edge Counter |Photography by Randy Godeau of Bay Area Kitchens

The faux live edge runs along an arc, serving as an astonishing finishing point to this long kitchen island end. It also serves as a place to display décor, food and beverages for entertaining and more.

Walnut Faux Live Edge Wood Bar Top with Durata Waterproof Finish in Matte Sheen
Walnut Faux Live Edge Bar Top | Photography by Randy Godeau of Bay Area Kitchens

The second countertop is at the other end of the kitchen island, which was designed for a raised bar seating area. The faux live edge was designed for the edge facing the guests seated at the bar. Both ends of this island are complete with faux live edge countertops, creating an extraordinary balance in this uniquely shaped kitchen.

Visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library to see more designs with Faux Live Edge Countertops. See more wood innovations by following @grothouseinc on Instagram and liking Grothouse on Facebook!

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Walnut Pastore Table designed by Amanda Needham

Our Custom Wood Countertops Blog features the industry’s most talented and innovative designers throughout the United States and abroad. This featured design includes a Walnut Pastore Table designed by Amanda

Walnut Pastore Table designed by Amanda Needham of Tradition Homes
Designer Amanda Needham

About the Designer: Amanda’s goal is to create a livable design that shows the personality of the client and her passion is the interior architecture of the home. During her six years working for one of the nation’s top designers, she collaborated on homes as large as 40,000 square feet and had a project featured in MTV teen cribs. Amanda developed a discerning eye for color, scale and form while working at Tradition Homes and Eric Charles Designs and earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Interior Design while studying at Michigan State University.

Designer Tip: I typically wrap the wood waterfall top over standard countertop height, but we addressed the scaled the height of our clients and ergonomically it was best to design this waterfall top just below standard countertop height.

Walnut Pastore Table designed by Amanda Needham of Tradition Homes
Walnut Pastore Table designed by Amanda Needham of Tradition Homes

Design Details

Cabinet Manufacturer: Omega Cabinetry

Cabinet Hardware: Top Knobs

Flooring: Sand in place random white oak

Countertops: Cararra Marble and Grothouse Walnut Pastore Table

Faucet: Rohl

Sink: Shaw classic modern farmhouse

Backsplash: Handmade white subway tile

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

Stove: Thermador 48″ range

Dishwasher: Bosch dishwasher

Other Appliances: Custom range hood from Raw Urth Designs

Advice: Make sure to address how the client intends to use the wood top so the best finish is selected. This client preferred to have the lowest sheen possible and this wood top will get light so we chose the Original butcher block oil finish.

Walnut Pastore Table for a Large Kitchen Island
Walnut Pastore Table for a Large Kitchen Island
Walnut Pastore Table with Matching Wood Columns for a Kitchen Island
Walnut Pastore Table

Check out more of Amanda’s work by following her on Instagram and Tradition Homes on Instagram. Learn more about wood Pastore tables by visiting our website.

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Christopher Peacock

Renowned British designer, Christopher Peacock, has paved the way for acceptance of his six figure sculleries worldwide.

Christopher Peacock Renowned Designer
Christopher Peacock

About Christopher Peacock

Christopher Peacock began his career in the early eighties working at Terence Conran’s furniture store in London.  He launched Christopher Peacock Cabinetry in 1992, beginning with a single kitchen display inside a small store in Greenwich CT.  Since those early days he has opened showrooms throughout the U.S. and Europe, with locations in Greenwich, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Short Hills, Dallas, and in Cannes, Cote D’Azur, France as well as London England.  Additionally, a new showroom in Jakarta, Indonesia will open in 2018.

Kitchen Design by Christopher Peacock
Kitchen Design by Christopher Peacock

His company and brand are recognized as the ultimate in luxury cabinetry design and there are many hundreds of rooms of beautiful cabinetry gracing homes in the United States and internationally.  The classic understated elegance that has become the mark of his work has allowed the company some very special opportunities.  Christopher has been invited to participate in the New York City Kips Bay Show House on seven occasions, has appeared on national television, he has been featured in many of the national newspapers, as well as having his work regularly published.  He is in a rare position being able to say that he has truly left his mark in the homes of two U.S. presidents, both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as many celebrity clients and captains of industry.

Christopher proudly designs and manufactures his products from his own U.S. workshop, located in West Virginia.  Peacock’s style of cabinetry has been imitated many times, but his creations remain singularly his own.

Kitchen Design for 2015 Kips Bay Showhouse by Christopher Peacock
Kitchen Design for 2015 Kips Bay Showhouse by Christopher Peacock

According to Antoinette Fraser “Chris’s genius lies in his relentless editing,” says Fraser, a Montclair resident. “His style is always being copied—but no one ever quite gets it right. The amount of detail that goes into our furniture would frustrate the most seasoned cabinetmaker.”

Meet Christopher Peacock

See a presentation by Christopher Peacock at an exclusive trade invite only event hosted by Grothouse at the Sub-Zero Fretz Philadelphia Navy Yard Showroom on November 7, 2018 from 5 to 8 PM.

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Drop Leaf Wood Countertops for Kitchens

Drop Leaf Wood Countertops are the perfect way to incorporate additional counter space when you want, and additional kitchen space otherwise. Wood countertops featuring drop leaf ends are perfect for small spaces, but can be incorporated into larger kitchens as well.

Drop Leaf Wood Countertops for Kitchens
Drop Leaf Wood Countertop

Kitchen Designs with Drop Leaf Wood Countertops

Walnut Drop Leaf Wood Countertop in Hawaii
Walnut Drop Leaf Wood Countertop designed by Archipelago Hawaii

Archipelago Hawaii designed this transitional kitchen to include a Walnut with Sapwood Drop Leaf countertop on the end of the kitchen island. The drop leaf adds seating space and additional food preparation space if needed.

Maple Drop Leaf Wood Countertop designed by Griffey Remodeling
Maple Drop Leaf Wood Countertop designed by Griffey Remodeling

Griffey Remodeling designed Maple Wood countertops for this small kitchen in Columbus, Ohio. The section to the right of the stove features a Drop Leaf End. This creates more counter space when needed, while still allowing room to get to the door next to the cabinets.

Visit the Countertop Image Library to see more kitchen designs with Drop Leaf Wood Countertops.

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