Anvil Metal Counters for White Cabinetry

A popular trend in today’s luxury homes are custom Anvil™ metal counters designed for white cabinetry, especially the cooler-toned metal finishes.

Anvil Metal Counters in White Cabinetry
Anvil Metal Counters in White Cabinetry

The cooler-toned Anvil™ metal finishes available include Axel, Ferrum, Palladium and Argentum. Even though they are cooler-toned finishes, they are warm to the touch like solid wood surfaces. The cooler-toned look combined with the natural warmth is causing more and more designers to feature these surfaces on white cabinetry.

Cool-toned Anvil Metal Counter Finishes Available for Kitchen Countertops and Bar Tops
Cool-toned Anvil Metal Finishes

The Argentum finish closely represents the look of nickel silver, matching perfectly with nickel silver cabinetry hardware and fixtures. The Ferrum finish is more like the color of iron or zinc countertops, while Palladium is like white gold. Axel is close to stainless steel or pewter in color, making it perfect for complementing stainless steel appliances.

White Cabinetry with Metal Counters

Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Bar Top for white cabinets is curved and has faux metal rivets
Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Bar Top

Distinctive Design LLC designed a curved Anvil™ Ferrum metal bar top for this mostly white space. This curve was achieved because the counter is crafted from a composite substrate and not sheet metal. 22 faux metal rivets add character along the edge of the top.

Anvil Palladium Metal Counter for white cabinetry creates an elegant wet bar in a living room
Anvil™ Palladium Metal Counter

John Troxell of Wood-Mode, Inc. designed an Anvil™ Palladium metal counter for this wet bar with white cabinetry. The counter complements the appliances and cabinet hardware.

Anvil™ Palladium Metal Top

Kitchenscapes designed an Anvil™ Palladium metal top for white cabinetry in this space. The metal top creates a safe place to set china and glassware, as well as matching the cabinet hardware.

To see more metal counters designed for white cabinetry, visit the Grothouse Image Library.

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Custom Table by Grothouse for Liebherr Booth at KBIS 2018

A Custom Table crafted by Grothouse was designed by Richard Anuszkiewicz of Alt Breeding Schwarz Architects for the Liebherr Booth at KBIS 2018.

Custom Table designed by Richard Anuszkiewicz for KBIS 2018 Liebherr Booth
Design by Richard Anuszkiewicz for KBIS 2018 Liebherr Booth

This booth unveiled the groundbreaking Liebherr Monolith – a refrigerator built for the future with whisper quiet operation and advanced technology. 84 inches from top to bottom, this impressive monumental wonder of German engineering takes food preservation to a new level. With superior food-saving advancements and energy efficiency, Monolith is a fusion of technical genius and practical ingenuity.

Custom Table Details

Custom Stained White Oak Table Top features a Chevron Pattern and Brass Inset Screws
Custom Stained White Oak Table Top features a Chevron Pattern and Brass Inset Screws

The three inch thick table top was crafted out of White Oak. It features a chevron pattern and inset brass screws down the center of the table top. A custom stain was used to achieve the white color. An eighth inch Roundover was selected for the top, bottom and vertical edges of the table top for a sleek look.

Custom Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Finished Table Base and Base Foot
Custom Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Finished Table Base and Base Foot

The table base and base foot are coated in Anvil™ Ferrum metal finish with a Durata® Satin top coat. The Ferrum finish replicates the gray color of iron, matching the grays used throughout the rest of the design. The edges of the base were rounded a quarter inch to continue the sleek look of the table top.

Grothouse is honored to have crafted a table for the unveiling of this stunning Monolith inception kitchen. To see more custom tables by Grothouse, visit the Countertop Image Library on our website.

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Anvil™ Metal Countertop Accents

Anvil™ Metal Countertop Accents are becoming increasingly popular in today’s luxury kitchens, baths and entertainment spaces. Metal accents take many different forms at Grothouse, like edging, rivets, and more. The design opportunities are limitless. The most common accent design is edging.

Anvil Metal Countertop Accents for Luxury Kitchens Baths Offices and Other Spaces
Anvil™ Metal Countertop Accents

Accents can be finished in any of the eight Anvil™ metal coating colors available: Axel, Kratos, Ferrum, Medallion, Exodus, Magnum, Palladium and Argentum. Chosen for its lustrous, brassy radiance, the most popular accent color is Magnum.

Designs with Anvil™ Metal Countertop Accents

Anvil Metal Countertop Accents for a Table Design by Matthew Quinn for House Beautiful Magazine Kitchen of the Year 2016
Design by Matthew Quinn for House Beautiful Magazine Kitchen of the Year 2016

Matthew Quinn designed the custom Walnut wood table pictured above to feature a Magnum metal band along the table top and along the table base. This table was designed for House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year 2016.

Anvil Metal Countertop Accents for a Custom Wood Bar Top Design by Audrey Newman of JW Kitchens
Design by Audrey Newman of JW Kitchens

Audrey Newman of JW Kitchens designed a custom Sapele Mahogany bar top with Palladium metal finished edges. Palladium gleams like white gold and adds a special touch to the bar top, making it stand out against the dark cabinetry.

Click here to learn more about Anvil™ metal finishes exclusively available at Grothouse. Visit the countertop image library to see more designs with Anvil™ metal countertop accents.

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Wood Crush Wednesday | A Glimpse into the Grothouse Shop

Every Wednesday, we give a glimpse into the products and happenings going on in the Grothouse shop, called Wood Crush Wednesday.

Wood Crush Wednesday A Glimpse into the Grothouse Shop
#WoodCrushWednesday A Glimpse into the Grothouse Shop

Wood Crush Wednesday | The Team

Wood Crush Wednesday features members of the Grothouse team and projects they are working on. Below is craftsman Eric inspecting a batch of samples.

Inspecting a batch of wood countertop samples
Craftsman, Eric, inspecting a batch of samples

Craftsman Adam was caught organizing our shipping department and making room for a BIG top.

Custom Wood Countertop Shipping Department
Craftsman, Adam, making room for a BIG top in the shipping department

Even our Customer Service Team works with wood everyday, with a custom wood desk top. Here is Rich, hard at work on his Mahogany wood desk top!

Custom Wood Desk Tops for Customer Service
Our customer service team has custom wood desk tops

Our product engineer, Steve, and Director of Operations, Jake take a break for some afternoon silliness to cultivate creativity!

Creative Custom Wood Countertops
Afternoon silliness to cultivate creativity

Wood Crush Wednesday | Products

Wood Crush Wednesday also features the most unique custom wood surfaces, including tables, bar tops, Anvil metal finished countertops and more. Below are just a few of the wood crushes we have shared thus far.

Thousand pound large custom wenge wood countertop with Camelot edge profile
A thousand pound Wenge top with Camelot edge profile

Here is a 1,000 POUND TOP made of solid Wenge wood for a customer located in Canada. This top features one of our largest edge profiles, the Camelot.

Custom solid wood table with legs featuring intricate detail
Custom table legs with intricate detail

A custom table shows off its intricate legs for days.

Anvil Palladium Metal Countertop with Durata waterproof permanent finish
Anvil Palladium Metal Countertop

An Anvil Palladium metal finished countertop is ready to ship. This metal countertop features an undermount sink cut out, Rugen edge profile and Durata waterproof and permanent finish.

Stay tuned for more Wood Crush Wednesdays by liking Grothouse on Facebook and following @grothouseinc on Instagram!

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Custom Metal Countertops designed by New Ravenna

New Ravenna is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of stone and glass mosaic tiles. Handcrafted in Virginia, their tile is fashioned into decorative borders, murals, field tile and medallions to create distinctive styles and textures. The end result is a custom, one-of-a-kind work of art.

They recently released a new collection, Jardins Français designed by Caroline Beaupere. With the introduction of this new collection, New Ravenna designed Anvil™ custom metal countertops to match the materials in the mosaic tiles.

Inspired by the formal gardens of France, the Jardins Français features a variety of materials that represent the four seasons. In Caroline’s words, “I have always been moved by the light in France and how it changes throughout the year, affecting the gardens as it comes and goes.”

Custom Metal Countertops designed by New Ravenna
Magnum Countertop designed by New Ravenna

A Magnum metal countertop was gilded to match Fleur de Lys flooring, shown in polished Bardiglio, Calacatta Gold, and Brass. The luminescent shell used in this tile represents Spring.

Custom Metal Countertops designed by New Ravenna
Magnum Countertop designed by New Ravenna

The Anvil™ Magnum metal countertop also pairs beautifully with Fleur de Lys in polished Calacatta Gold, Thassos, and Brass.

Magnum Brass Metal Countertop designed by New Ravenna
Magnum Countertop designed by New Ravenna

Jardin de Versailles emulates the golden hues of Fall. Shown in polished Calacatta Gold and Brass, this pattern is paired with a gleaming Magnum countertop.

Axel Stainless Steel Metal Countertop designed by New Ravenna
Axel Countertop designed by New Ravenna

Tuileries Petite is a hand-cut mosaic shown in polished Thassos, Nero Marquina, and brushed Aluminum. The grey hues in this bold textural design are echoed in the Axel metal countertop.

Anvil™ custom metal countertops are an excellent match for mosaic tiles, complementing the abstract colors and designs. Grothouse is honored to partner with a fellow made in America manufacturer whose talents are celebrated worldwide.

You can learn more about the New Ravenna Jardins Français collection by clicking here. To see more designs featuring Anvil™ metal countertops, visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library.

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Custom Counters Complement Decorative Backsplashes

Custom Counters by Grothouse Complement Decorative Backsplashes
Custom Counters Complement Decorative Backsplashes

Some of the industry’s best have designed Grothouse custom counters to complement decorative backsplashes to create unique and outstanding designs. Whether it be a solid wood surface or an Anvil™ metal countertop, it can be designed to complement even the most drastic backsplash.

Designs featuring Custom Counters and Decorative Backsplashes

White Oak Bar Top with Anvil™ Argentum Metal Finish Complements Gold-striped Marble Backsplash
White Oak Bar Top with Anvil™ Argentum Metal Finish Complements Gold-striped Marble

Matthew Quinn designed House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year 2016, which included this wet bar. Quinn covered the wall in gold-striped Calacatta marble tiles by AKDO arranged in a sunburst pattern around the window. A White Oak Rift Sawn Blank with Anvil™ Argentum Metal Finish bar top was designed to bring out the gray tones in the marble. Also designed for this space were custom floating shelves to match the bar top.

Peruvian Walnut Countertop and Shelves Complement a Wall Covered in mica shavings
Peruvian Walnut Countertop and Shelves Complement a Wall Covered in mica shavings. Photography: Nikki Ritcher for House Beautiful.

A Peruvian Walnut countertop and matching shelves stand out against Phillip Jeffrie’s Quartz wall covering made of mica shavings. This kitchen was designed by Steven Miller for the 2014 House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase in California. This kitchen also featured an extraordinary backsplash composed of Black and Silver Iridized Chrysalis tiles by Ann Sacks.

Walnut Butcher Block Complements Handpainted Tiles inspired by the Mediterranean Sea
Walnut Butcher Block Complements Handpainted Tiles

This rustically elegant kitchen boasts a myriad of textures and materials. Designed by Peter Cardamone and Lynne Kaltman of Blue Bell Kitchens, a custom Walnut butcher block and leathered quartzite countertops complement the Mediterranean Sea inspired handpainted by Tabarka Backsplash.

See how other designers use custom counters to complement decorative backsplashes by visiting the Grothouse Countertop Image Library. For even further inspiration, follow our profile on Houzz.

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Ferrum Iron Countertops

The Anvil™ Ferrum metal finish creates a appearance to iron countertops and zinc countertops when applied to Grothouse wood surfaces or composite substrates. Over time, the Anvil™ Ferrum finish will tarnish like a real metal surface, giving it a unique appearance.

Anvil™ Ferrum Iron Countertops
Anvil™ Ferrum Iron Countertops

Designing Ferrum Iron Countertops

Ferrum countertops provide both a classic and a modern look that combines the cool tone of metal with the warmth and charm of a wood surface.  They are typically popular in traditional style spaces, but can be custom designed to fit any space in your home.

Anvil Ferrum Iron Countertops by Grothouse
Ferrum Countertops combine the cool tone of metal and the warmth of wood.

Ferrum countertops can be crafted to any shape or size. They can even be crafted into Pastore™ waterfall countertops or tables. Any custom feature can be added to the countertop to add function and appeal, like an integrated bowl. Integrated bowls provide the ability to decoratively hold fruit, eggs, or other items.

The edge profile chosen will shape the style of the countertop. Ferrum countertops can include any of our 40+ edge profiles available. Custom edges can also be crafted to make your countertop one-of-a-kind.

Ferrum Iron Countertops for Kitchens by Grothouse
Ferrum Countertops can include any edge profile.

Unlike real metal countertops, Ferrum countertops can be used in outdoor applications when the finish is applied to an exterior rated substrate.

If you are seeking a cleaner look, choose a wood countertop with Ferrum metal finish and a topcoat of our Durata® Waterproof and Permanent Finish. Ferrum countertops with a topcoat of Durata® may not be used outdoors.

Click here to learn more about Anvil™ Metal Countertops by Grothouse. To see designs with Ferrum Iron Countertops visit our Countertop Image Library.

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Decorative Wood Countertops

Wood countertops are naturally beautiful in their simplest form, but when designed with a more decorative eye they are any room’s best feature. Decorative wood countertops take many forms at Grothouse.

Decorative Wood Countertops
Decorative Wood Countertops by Grothouse

Designs with Decorative Wood Countertops

Because our wood countertops are custom crafted to your design specifications, they can be designed for the most elegant of spaces, or designed for the most tranquil of spaces.

We recently introduced our Anvil™ line of metal finishes. Matthew Quinn  designed a custom Walnut wood table embellished with our Magnum metal finish for House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year 2016. You can embellish your wood countertop with any of our eight Anvil metal finishes.

Embellished and Decorative wood countertops
Embellished Wood Countertops

You can also design your wood countertop to be completely gilded in one of our Anvil metal finishes. Matthew Quinn also designed a White Oak Rift Sawn Blank countertop gilded in our Argentum metal finish for House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year 2016.

Metal Gilded and Decorative Wood Countertops
Anvil Metal Gilded Wood Countertops

Designers often choose to have the countertop distressed or hand planed to add character and worn-in charm. Wood-Mode Inc. designed the below Sapele Mahogany wood countertop to be super distressed. Super distressing means that the countertop is very heavily distressed with very unevenly worn corners and edges. It also has plentiful dings and notch marks, clusters of worm holes, waffle hammer dings and circular dings, heavy edge nicks, and possibly termite tracks.

Distressed Decorative Wood Countertops
Distressed Wood Countertops

Any of our edge profiles can also be used to create decorative wood countertops. The most lavish profiles include: RhineRugenCharmantKroneSuper Double Roman Ogee with a Notch, and El Guapo.

Grothouse can also add a faux live edge to your countertop to mimic a real live edge countertopS & W Kitchens Inc. designed this Tigerwood countertop to include one faux live edge.

Decorative Wood Countertops with Faux Live Edge
Wood Countertop with a Faux Live Edge

Choose a real live edge countertop to make the most opulent statement. Christopher Peacock designed this English Wych Elm countertop to be the center of attention in the 2015 Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

Live Edge Decorative Wood Countertops
Live Edge Wood Countertops

Visit the image library in our design guide to see more decorative wood countertops. Want to save an image for later? Pin it to one of your Pinterest boards or save it to an ideabook on Houzz!

Medallion Bronze Countertops

Anvil Medallion Bronze Countertops
Anvil™ Medallion Bronze Countertops

The Anvil™ Medallion finish emulates the appearance of real bronze countertops. Medallion Bronze Countertops evince a powerful presence in any space.

Bronze is often used in kitchen designs as accents and focal points. It has been used for range hoods, cabinetry hardware, back splashes, sinks, faucets, corbels, and much more. Countertops gilded with the Medallion metal finish become the focal point of the kitchen, or any room, they are designed for.

Medallion Bronze Countertops Finish
Anvil™ Medallion Metal Finish

Designing Medallion Bronze Countertops

The Anvil™ Medallion metal finish can be applied to a solid wood countertop or a composite substrate. When applied to a composite substrate, Medallion countertops are suitable for outdoor use.

Because they are not made out of real metal, Medallion countertops can be manufactured to fit any space. They can be designed to exact specifications of complex curves, shapes, and sizes.

Medallion bronze countertops edges
Medallion countertops can feature any edge profile.

Medallion countertops can include any of our decorative edge profiles. Edge profiles do not have to be applied as pictured. You can create a truly unique edge by flipping the profile upside down. Our on-staff engineers will help you design a custom edge if there is something more particular you would like.

They can also include any custom feature, like an integrated bowl, laser engraving of any design, expanded corners, and much more.

Medallion countertops can include a topcoat of our exclusive Durata® Waterproof and Permanent Finish.

The Medallion finish is one of eight metal coatings available in our Anvil™ line of metal countertops. You can read more about them by visiting this page on our website. To see designs with Medallion Bronze Countertops, take a look at our Countertop Image Library.

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The Camelot Edge Profile

The Camelot Edge Profile exclusively available on Grothouse Wood Surfaces
The Camelot Edge Profile

The Camelot Edge Profile is exclusively available on Grothouse custom solid wood surfaces. The name “Camelot” is most commonly known as a castle and court associated with King Arthur. This edge profile features strong details and elegant curves, much like the architecture of the Camelot castle. And thus, the edge profile was named the Camelot.

Designing Wood Countertops with the Camelot Edge Profile

A countertop must be at least 3 3/4 inches thick to feature the Camelot edge. A large overhang is required because of edge projection. This edge also features a large inside radius.

Camelot Wood Countertop Edge Profile
Camelot Wood Countertop Edge Profile

The edge can be applied to wood countertops crafted in edge grain and end grain construction style. Flat grain construction with applied edges can be done, but is not recommended as it would be unusual at that thickness. This edge cannot be added to a composite substrate.

A wood countertop with the Camelot edge can be crafted in any of our 60+ wood species. It can also be coated in any of our Anvil™ metal finishes. Any of our custom features and options can also be applied to a countertop with a Camelot edge.

Camelot Edge Profile on Hard Maple Wood Countertop by Grothouse
Camelot Edge on Hard Maple crafted in Edge Grain Construction and coated in Anvil Axel Finish

The Camelot edge profile photograph featured in this blog is a sample crafted out of Hard Maple wood in edge grain construction style. The wood is coated in the Anvil™ Axel metal finish. The sample is a 3 3/4 inches thick.

This sample is a part of our Anvil™ Metal Sample Kit for Grothouse Dealers. If you are interested in becoming an Anvil™ Grothouse Dealer and purchasing the kit, contact us at

Top of the Camelot Edge Profile
Top of the Camelot Edge Profile

You can view more edge profiles available for Grothouse wood surfaces by visiting this page on our website. Visit the Countertop Image Library to see designs featuring wood surfaces with the Camelot edge profile.