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Can you stain butcher block countertops ?

Grothouse Wood Countertop Custom Stain Matched There are many different answers to the frequently asked question, “Can you stain butcher block countertops?”

Grothouse Beech Wood Countertops

Grothouse Beech Wood CountertopsGrothouse Beech Wood Countertops are typically light in color. Their light color is very comforting, giving them the ability to compliment any space, any style.

Grothouse Wood Countertop Arcs

Wood Countertops ArcsWood Countertop Arcs are a common feature for today’s kitchen islands. Arcs and curves add distinctive functional design to wood countertops.

Endgrain Wood Countertops

Endgrain Wood Countertops by GrothouseEndgrain Wood Countertops are commonly known as Butcher Blocks. Butcher Blocks are the absolute best surface for an attractive food preparation area.

Kitchen Island Countertop on This Old House®

Custom Wood Kitchen Island Countertop crafted by GrothouseGrothouse has had the honor of crafting a kitchen island countertop for the This Old House® renovation of an 1872 Italianate in the historic Boston suburb of Arlington.

Iroko Countertops

Iroko Wood Countertops crafted by GrothouseIroko Countertops are often used as a substitute for Teak Countertops. They are extremely light in color when initially manufactured, but quickly darken to a honey brown color.

The most common thickness for Wood and Butcherblock Countertops

Mahogany ButcherBlock is 2 1/2 inches thick There are multiple answers regarding the Frequently Asked Question, “What is the most common thickness for wood and butcherblock countertops?”

Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertops

reclaimed_chestnut_wood_counter-300x300 Reclaimed Chestnut Wood Countertops is recycling at its high end finest. It is endorsed by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Reclaimed Wood Countertops exhibit the natural historical aspects of the originality of the wood. The natural historical aspects convey character and create an extremely unique appearance.

Wenge Countertops

Wenge Wood Countertops crafted by GrothouseWenge Wood Countertops have an extremely attractive appearance due to the strong grain and subtle color variation.

Hand Planed Wood Countertops

Wenge Hand Planed Wood Countertop designed by Venegas and Company
Grothouse continues to revolutionize their solid wood surfaces by offering Hand Planed Wood Countertops.