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Cherry Kitchen Countertops

cherry_wood_counter-300x300 Grothouse American Cherry Kitchen Countertops darken to a deep red brown color over time, a natural color that is notorious in today’s kitchen designs.

Maple Wood Countertops

Maple Wood CountertopsMaple Wood Countertops are extremely popular in today’s kitchens. This is because they have an excellent resistance to abrasion and wear, are typically light in color, and are very easy to incorporate into any design.

Custom Butcher Block in a Kitchen Designed by Karen Swanson of New England Design Works

Custom Butcher Block design by Karen Swanson of New England Design Works Custom Walnut with Sapwood Butcher Block manufactured by Grothouse for a kitchen designed by Karen Swanson of New England Design Works

Custom Wood Bar Countertops in a space designed by Roger Yiengst of Kountry Kraft

Custom Wood Bar Countertops designed by Kountry KraftCustom Lyptus Wood Bar Countertops with Synthesis Bar Rail™ for a space designed by Roger Yiengst of Kountry Kraft.

Wood Countertop Expanded Corners

Grothouse Wood Countertops with Expanded Corners Expanded Corners are a popular feature for Kitchen Island Countertops. Clients with a refined taste typically choose wood countertops with expanded corners for their cultivated kitchen designs.

Grothouse Butcher Block Kitchen Island Tops

Cherry Butcher Block Kitchen Island Tops Grothouse Butcher Block Kitchen Island Tops are beneficial to kitchens. They are welcoming and inviting surfaces to sit at. Butcher Blocks also provide a functional work surface. Because of their ability to be used in so many ways, they naturally become the center piece of the kitchen.

Wood Countertop Integrated Bowls

Wood Countertop Integrated Bowls by Grothouse Grothouse has crafted the perfect combination of art and function, Wood Countertop Integrated Bowls. Integrated Bowls offer a secure place to keep items from rolling off the countertop, for example eggs or fruit. In addition, they can be used as an artful display.

Can you stain butcher block countertops ?

Grothouse Wood Countertop Custom Stain Matched There are many different answers to the frequently asked question, “Can you stain butcher block countertops?”

Grothouse Beech Wood Countertops

Grothouse Beech Wood CountertopsGrothouse Beech Wood Countertops are typically light in color. Their light color is very comforting, giving them the ability to compliment any space, any style.

Grothouse Wood Countertop Arcs

Wood Countertops ArcsWood Countertop Arcs are a common feature for today’s kitchen islands. Arcs and curves add distinctive functional design to wood countertops.