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Three-ton Solid Wood Bathtub

Is it possible to make a solid wood bathtub out of one three-ton mass of wood, without any glue or epoxy – and can it be done sustainably?

Commercial Wood Bar Top for Lucky Dorr at Wrigley Field

Custom Commercial Wood Bar Top crafted by Grothouse designed by William Huber Cabinet Works for Lucky Dorr bar at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois

Wood Shelving for Creative Custom Storage Solutions

Wood shelving is a major design trend seen in spaces of all styles for creative storage solutions out of necessity or decorative desire.

Custom Metal Countertops designed by New Ravenna

Custom Metal Countertops designed by New Ravenna for the introduction of their new mosaic tile collection, Jardins Français designed by Caroline Beaupere.

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Bar Tops

Reclaimed wood kitchen bar tops retain the salvaged wood’s visible knots, cracks and nicks, creating a truly unique design rich in textural details.

The First Planned Kitchen Purchase: Countertops

According to RICKI – The Kitchen Think Tank, countertops are the first planned kitchen purchase that U.S. homeowners plan to buy in the coming year, and we can see why.

Custom Waterfall Wood Countertops

Custom Waterfall Wood Countertops, also known as Pastore, can be designed for use anywhere in the home such as a kitchen island, peninsula or bar top.

Brass Fixtures and Wood Countertops

Brass fixtures are an extremely popular kitchen trend showing up everywhere combined with neutral components, like wood countertops.

How to Declutter Kitchen Countertops

Declutter kitchen countertops by putting away items, organizing your cabinets, making use of wall space and customizing your countertops.

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017 designed by Jon de la Cruz

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017 at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase designed by Jon de la Cruz features Grothouse Custom Wood Shelves