Christopher Peacock

Renowned British designer, Christopher Peacock, has paved the way for acceptance of his six figure sculleries worldwide.

Christopher Peacock Renowned Designer
Christopher Peacock

About Christopher Peacock

Christopher Peacock began his career in the early eighties working at Terence Conran’s furniture store in London.  He launched Christopher Peacock Cabinetry in 1992, beginning with a single kitchen display inside a small store in Greenwich CT.  Since those early days he has opened showrooms throughout the U.S. and Europe, with locations in Greenwich, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Short Hills, Dallas, and in Cannes, Cote D’Azur, France as well as London England.  Additionally, a new showroom in Jakarta, Indonesia will open in 2018.

Kitchen Design by Christopher Peacock
Kitchen Design by Christopher Peacock

His company and brand are recognized as the ultimate in luxury cabinetry design and there are many hundreds of rooms of beautiful cabinetry gracing homes in the United States and internationally.  The classic understated elegance that has become the mark of his work has allowed the company some very special opportunities.  Christopher has been invited to participate in the New York City Kips Bay Show House on seven occasions, has appeared on national television, he has been featured in many of the national newspapers, as well as having his work regularly published.  He is in a rare position being able to say that he has truly left his mark in the homes of two U.S. presidents, both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as many celebrity clients and captains of industry.

Christopher proudly designs and manufactures his products from his own U.S. workshop, located in West Virginia.  Peacock’s style of cabinetry has been imitated many times, but his creations remain singularly his own.

Kitchen Design for 2015 Kips Bay Showhouse by Christopher Peacock
Kitchen Design for 2015 Kips Bay Showhouse by Christopher Peacock

According to Antoinette Fraser “Chris’s genius lies in his relentless editing,” says Fraser, a Montclair resident. “His style is always being copied—but no one ever quite gets it right. The amount of detail that goes into our furniture would frustrate the most seasoned cabinetmaker.”

Meet Christopher Peacock

See a presentation by Christopher Peacock at an exclusive trade invite only event hosted by Grothouse at the Sub-Zero Fretz Philadelphia Navy Yard Showroom on November 7, 2018 from 5 to 8 PM.

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Round Kitchen Counter Corners

Round Kitchen Counter Corners are an easy way to make your design unique, add a sense of smoothness to your space. In addition, they make the counter safe for families with young children in the kitchen.

Round Kitchen Counter Corners | Wood Countertops, Butcher Blocks, Bar Tops, Tables
Round Kitchen Counter Corners

Round corners can be achieved by designing a counter with a round shape, such as a circle, oval or with an arc or curve. Another way round corners can be achieved is by selecting a round edge profile for the top horizontal edges, bottom horizontal edges and vertical corners. The roundest edge profiles available at Grothouse include: ½” Roundover¾” Roundover1” Roundover1 ½” Roundover and Full Bullnose.

Designs with Round Kitchen Counter Corners

The designers of these kitchens found creative ways to ease the transition from counter to walking zone. It’s pretty standard for kitchen island cabinets to run in a straight line. But sometimes, that isn’t the smoothest route. These two kitchens employ clever usage of wood island countertops with round corners. Though the solutions vary, each makes the nearby passageway feel a little more smooth. Could this be a solution for your kitchen?

Walnut Butcher Block Kitchen Island Countertop with Round Corners
Walnut Butcher Block with Round Corners

Haile Kitchen & Bath designed this transitional kitchen. Its large island features a Walnut end grain butcher block with an arched end. The edge profile selected for this design is an 1/8″ Roundover on the top horizontal edges and bottom horizontal edges.

Peruvian Walnut Kitchen Island Counter and Dining Table with Round Corners
Peruvian Walnut Counter with Round Corners

Kitchen counters with round corners are perfect for dining tables, like this one designed by Wendy Danziger of Danziger Design. This Peruvian Walnut edge grain wood countertop features a 1/8″ Roundover edge profile on the top horizontal edges and bottom horizontal edges. Click here to learn more about this countertop design.

Visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library to see more designs with round kitchen counter corners.

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Purchase Grothouse Original Oil on our Online Store

Grothouse Original Oil keeps custom solid wood countertops properly moisturized and ensures your countertops look as beautiful as the day you got them. This oil can be used on wood countertops, butcher blocks, soapstone, salad bowls, wooden utensils and more.

Walnut Butcher Block Countertop Finished with Grothouse Original Oil
Walnut Butcher Block Finished with Grothouse Original Oil™ | Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

Grothouse Original Oil™ is a fragrance-free, heavy weight pure mineral oil. It does not contain nut oils, making it food safe and hypoallergenic.

The oil applying process is simple and easy. All you need is a paper towel or cotton cloth to spread a thin coat of oil over the surface. Be sure to oil the sides and the exposed bottoms of the wood countertop. For best results, allow the oil to soak in overnight. If you need to use your countertop or butcher block top right away, then remove any excess oil with a dry cloth and your piece will be ready to use.

Grothouse Original Oil™ should be applied once a week for the first month after receiving your wood surface. Thereafter, the piece should be oiled at a minimum of once per month or if the surface appears visually dry.

How to Purchase Grothouse Original Oil

Purchase Grothouse Original Oil Food Safe Finish for Custom Solid Wood Surfaces Soapstone Countertops Wood Utensils and More
Grothouse Original Oil™

Grothouse Original Oil™ may be purchased through our online Shopify store. We offer 3 types of bundles, single bottle, case of 4 bottles and case of 12 bottles. If you purchase one of the bigger bundles you could save up to $103.

Purchase Grothouse Original Oil to keep your solid wood surfaces properly moisturized to last a lifetime. Please contact us if you have any questions by giving us a call at 610-767-6515 or emailing

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Kitchen Island Shapes

The most common kitchen island shape is a rectangle, but incorporating unique kitchen island shapes into your kitchen design can provide better traffic, more seating, entertaining, food preparation space and, of course, add style.

When designing a kitchen island with a unique shape, the materials used for countertops need to be considered. The luxury of incorporating a wood countertop into the kitchen island design is that wood can be crafted in any shape, style and design. Wood is not restricted like other materials, such as solid metal countertops.

Kitchen Island Shapes | Design Inspiration

L-Shaped Kitchen Island Design | Kitchen Island Shapes with Wood Countertops
L-Shaped Kitchen Island

An L-shaped kitchen island design takes the common rectangle kitchen island and adds some edge. Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath designed this modern kitchen to feature an L-shaped island. One part of the L is a White Oak Half Parsons Table, creating efficient seating space away from the busiest area of the kitchen. A Cambria Torquay countertop was designed for the other part of the L in this island, creating a food preparation space conveniently located near the range and other appliances.

Geometric Kitchen Island Design | Kitchen Island Shapes with Wood Countertops
Geometric Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can be designed in geometric shapes, which can take the form of pentagons or octagons or some variation of the two. Auer Kitchens designed this kitchen island to make the most of the space while following the shape of the kitchen itself. The Sapele Mahogany wood countertop was designed for seating along one side of the island and food prep space on the other.

Unique Kitchen Island Design | Kitchen Island Shapes with Wood Countertops
Unique Kitchen Island

Richard Thomas Anuszkiewicz designed this truly unique kitchen island with three different sections creating the ultimate kitchen island. A custom White Oak wood table with an Anvil™ metal base creates banquet seating on one side of the island. Across the top of the bench is another counter, creating a bar area that may be used for food preparation or serving space. Adjacent to that is another countertop with a sink, which can also be used for food preparation. This kitchen was on display at KBIS 2018 and features Liebherr appliances.

Visit the Grothouse Image Library to view more designs with unique kitchen island shapes.

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Custom Wood Kitchen Countertop History

While kitchen styles have changed from year to year, wood has always been a top choice for kitchen countertops. Wood kitchen countertop history dates back to the early 1900’s when all things house-related were taken over by an exciting wave of modernization.

Custom Wood Kitchen Countertop History in the 1900s
Custom Wood Kitchen Countertop History

The earliest countertop materials were stone and wood. Those who cooked over a fireplace or open flame used the fieldstone hearth as their countertop. Wood wasn’t far behind in the timeline of countertops, and was used just as early as the stone hearth. As cooks began to move away from the fireplace and into a dedicated kitchen, the earliest countertops were still made of stone and wood, the most available products.

Things changed when the 19th century rolled around, like countertops made of lush materials, such as marble, fine woods and occasional metals. These were often found in the most upscale kitchen pantries or serving areas. In the kitchen itself remained the domain of wood.

Wood countertops have had a long presence in kitchens and pantries in the form of work tops or wood tables. Pine, maple, and oak were top choices for worktops at the turn of the 20th century.

Wood Kitchen Countertop History

1920 Wood Kitchen Countertop History
1920’s Kitchen Photo courtesy of Sadro Design Studio Inc by Northlight Photography

This 1920’s L-shaped kitchen features a wood countertop, white cabinetry and beaded board panel backsplash. While this kitchen has countertops at the same height, countertop heights were far from standardized and there would be multiple heights in the same kitchen often.

1950s Wood Kitchen Countertop History
1950’s Kitchen

Many of the features that are standard to modern kitchens today were created during the 1950’s, like having a wood cutting board in close proximity to the sink and food prep area.

1960s Wood Kitchen Countertop History
1960’s Kitchen Photo Courtesy of Veterans United

In the 1960’s and 1970’s societal changes were taking place that impacted kitchen styles. The kitchen became a source for honing culinary crafts, displaying designer cookware and served as the hub for social activity. Wood countertops top of the lower cabinets and the kitchen table.

1970s Wood Kitchen Countertop History
1970’s Kitchen Photo Courtesy of Retro Renovation

The first kitchen islands were introduced in the 1970’s. Pictured above is a Dutch country style kitchen with a butcher block island, checkerboard wall paper, delft backsplash tile and yellow cabinets.

1980s Wood Kitchen Countertop History
1980’s Kitchen Photo Courtesy of Vintage Goodness

The idea of a completely open kitchen with appliances designed to show off came into being in the 1980’s. This kitchen features a large kitchen island with a wood counter and a stove with a cooktop created for display in addition to function.

Want to learn more about wood kitchen countertop history? Visit Be sure to like Grothouse on Facebook for daily wood countertop innovation.

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Countertop Design Trend: Wood Countertops and Apron Sinks

A current countertop design trend is pairing a wood countertop with an apron sink. This is a timeless combination that is popular in any style kitchen, especially in traditional and transitional kitchens.

Wood Countertop Design Trend Wood Countertops and Apron Sinks
Countertop Design Trend: Wood Countertops and Apron Sinks

The type of wood selected for the countertop varies, but the most popular species is Walnut. Various types of apron sinks are used, from a classic white to copper and patterned sinks.

When sealed with Grothouse exclusive Durata® permanent finish, the countertop is completely waterproof and safe from water damage. Durata® is available in different sheen levels, and the sheen level chosen varies based on the look the designer is striving to achieve.

Durata® Satin finish is a sheen level of 35 and has an appearance similar to common household furniture and dining tables. Satin sheen is the most popular selection. Durata® Semi-Gloss finish is a sheen level of 55 and is the best application for a kitchen countertop with a glossy finish. Durata® Matte finish is a sheen level of 10 and has an organic appearance similar to natural oil finishes.

Countertop Design Trend Inspiration

Countertop Design Trend Cherry Wood Countertop with Copper Apron Sink in Farmhouse Traditional Style Kitchen
Cherry Countertop with Copper Apron Sink

Kelly Bailey of Coastal Cabinet Works designed a Cherry All Heartwood kitchen island countertop to feature a copper apron sink. The countertop is finished with Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish in Matte sheen.

Countertop Design Trend Walnut Wood Counters with Apron Sink in Traditional Style Kitchen
Walnut Counters with Apron Sink

Walnut wood counters were designed by Chris Black-Puckett Design for the perimeter of this traditional kitchen. The walnut counters include a white apron sink with beautiful detailing on the front. The counters are accentuated with Level 2 Distressing and finished with Durata® Permanent Waterproof Finish.

Countertop Design Trend Walnut and Cherry Checkerboard Butcher Block with Apron Sink
Walnut and Cherry Checkerboard Butcher Block with Apron Sink

Showcase Kitchens designed a Walnut and Cherry checkerboard butcher block for the island in this traditional style kitchen. Although this is a butcher block, an apron sink was still able to be incorporated into the design. The wood butcher block is still safe from water damage.

Want to see more kitchens featuring this countertop design trend? Visit the Grothouse Image Library! Be sure to follow @grothouseinc on Instagram to see more design trends.

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Solid Wood Experts on Sell It Like Serhant

Grothouse, Inc., the leading solid wood surfaces manufacturer located in Germansville, Pennsylvania, was featured on Ryan Serhant’s new television show, Sell It Like Serhant.

The episode aired Wednesday, April 25, 2018 told the story of Frank. Frank used to work in the restaurant business, but unfortunate circumstances resulted in a career change to selling kitchens and custom cabinets. After working for four months without making a sale, Frank was at the risk of losing his job if he couldn’t sell a kitchen in one week.

Ryan Serhant, the leader of one of the top real estate teams in the United States, came to Frank’s rescue by taking a dive into the world of kitchens and cabinetry. To help Frank reach his full potential, Ryan knew that Frank needed to learn everything there is to know about cabinets. Knowing the facts would help and so, they decided to visit Pennsylvania to learn about the wood used to craft cabinets in addition to cabinet making.

Their first stop was Germansville, Pennsylvania where they met Paul and Denise Grothouse of Grothouse, Inc. Denise taught Frank all there is to know about the solid wood used to craft custom cabinets. After a skid loader ride, Paul assisted Frank and Ryan to cut down a dead ash tree from the woods located on the Grothouse farm.

Denise Grothouse with Ryan Serhant and Frank for Sell It Like Serhant Bravo TV Series
Denise Grothouse with Ryan Serhant and Frank.
Denise Grothouse showing Ryan Serhant and Frank the different wood species used to craft cabinets.
Denise Grothouse showing Ryan Serhant and Frank the different wood species used to craft cabinets.
Ryan Serhant and Frank enjoy a skid loader ride from Paul Grothouse for Sell It Like Serhant Bravo TV Series
Ryan Serhant and Frank enjoy a skid loader ride from Paul Grothouse.
Frank, Ryan Serhant and Paul Grothouse.
Frank, Ryan Serhant and Paul Grothouse.
Paul Grothouse, Frank and Ryan Serhant prepare to cut down the tree for Sell It Like Serhant Bravo TV
Paul Grothouse, Frank and Ryan Serhant prepare to cut down the tree.
Ryan Serhant’s first experience cutting down a tree had him pretty excited for Sell It Like Serhant Bravo TV
Ryan Serhant’s first experience cutting down a tree had him pretty excited.

This isn’t the first time Grothouse, Inc. has been featured on national television. Grothouse has had the honor of participating in This Old House® TV Show six times, as well as participating in House Beautiful Magazine’s Kitchen of the Year for over 7 years designing kitchens with the likes of celebrity chef Tyler Florence.

Their second stop was Kountry Kraft, a leading manufacturer of custom cabinetry since 1959 located in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania. There, Frank and Ryan met cabinet expert Elvin Hurst, Jr., Co-owner and President of Kountry Kraft. Grothouse is honored to have been a part of this new series. Visit to watch the full episode of Sell It Like Serhant!

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Wenge Raised Pastore Counter in Home & Design Magazine

Home & Design magazine featured a simple and serene condo renovation in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Written by Julie Sanders, the renovation included a kitchen design by Sarah Kahn Turner of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath, Ltd. that features a Grothouse Wenge Raised Pastore Counter for the kitchen island.

Wenge Raised Pastore Counter in a Kitchen in Alexandria, Virginia featured by Home & Design Magazine
Kitchen Design by Sarah Kahn Turner of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath, Ltd. | Image Source: Home & Design Magazine

Celia Welch, the interior designer, had a goal, given by the client, to make the condo comfortable, elegant, chic and urban. The client’s main priority was to have one flowing, light-filled space. Welch and kitchen designer Sarah Kahn Turner collaborated to redesign the outdated kitchen. To achieve these goals, the first step was to remove the wall that separated the kitchen from the open-plan living and dining room.

The open-plan created space for a long kitchen island featuring a quartz counter, over which the Grothouse Wenge Pastore counter hovers with waterfall sides and room for four stools.

Welch stated, “We didn’t want the traditional look of a two-level countertop. This adds a little extra dimension.”

Wenge Raised Pastore Counter

Wenge is a heavy wood that has high resistance to abrasion and high bending strength. Its strong grain and subtle color variation creates its dark, sleek attractive appearance.

The Wenge counter for this kitchen was custom crafted to feature a Roundover edge profile. The Roundover edge profile exhibits a simple look to contribute to the simple and serene feel of the rest of the kitchen. The counter is finished with Grothouse Original Oil™.

Click here to see the rest of this townhouse renovation. Visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library to see more kitchen designs with a Wenge Raised Pastore Counter.

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Most Popular Kitchen Layout 2018

As part of its 2018 Kitchen Trends Study, Houzz recently surveyed more than 1,700 U.S. homeowners in various stages of a kitchen renovation project. Their answers offer a look into what is currently popular in American kitchens. Among many other things, the study asked homeowners about which kitchen layout they chose for their remodel.

Most Popular Kitchen Layout 2018 Houzz Study
Most Popular Kitchen Layouts 2018 | Image Source: Houzz

Half of the homeowners surveyed changed or planned to change their kitchen layout during the renovation. Of those, 35 percent chose an L-shaped layout, making that the most popular option. Shown in the graph above, this is a shift as two years ago U-shaped was most popular among renovating homeowners who changed their kitchen layouts.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout Design Inspiration

L-shaped kitchen layout designed by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs
Design by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

This L-shaped kitchen was designed by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs. Featuring white cabinetry and a Grothouse Walnut wood kitchen island countertop.

L-shaped kitchen layout designed by J.S. Brown & Co.
Design by J.S. Brown & Co.

Brandon Okone and Monica Miller, MCR, UDCP, CMKBD of J.S. Brown & Co. designed this gray transitional L-shaped kitchen with an American Beech kitchen island countertop.

L-shaped kitchen layout designed by Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio
Design by Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio

Diana Burton of Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio designed this traditional white L-shaped kitchen with a Sapele Mahogany countertop for the kitchen island. View the Countertop Image Library in the Countertop Design Guide on our website to see more designs with an L-shaped kitchen layout.

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Transform Any Space with Wood

Transform Any Space by incorporating Wood Countertops, Accents, Shelves, Wall Niches into your design
Transform Any Space with Wood | Design by Bunker Workshop

Wood is the 1 ingredient that will transform your space, states Mitchell Parker of Houzz in his article The 1 Ingredient That Will Transform Your Kitchen or BathAnd of course, we couldn’t agree more! Our favorite application of wood is in the form of countertops, but it can also be used in many different ways to revamp and warm up a space.

Wood Applications

Wrap Your Kitchen Island Cabinetry in Wood to Make it a Focal Point and Add Warmth
Wrapping Kitchen Island Cabinetry | Design by Tru Kitchens

Wrapping your kitchen island cabinetry adds warmth to the space while also visually making the piece the focal point of the space. Designed by Todd Wiley, Tru Kitchens, designed this transitional space to have a kitchen island wrapped in Walnut. A Walnut kitchen bar top matches the island and provides a seating area.

Custom wood wall niche creates a level of privacy and adds warmth to the space
Custom Wall Niche | Design by Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Incorporating a cool wall niche into a space creates a cozy and unique area. Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath designed this Asian-inspired bathroom with a custom Teak wall to match the vanity top and bath tub and add a level of privacy.

Open Wood Shelves add warmth and provide plenty of storage space with easy access
Open Shelves | Design by Jon de la Cruz for House Beautiful KOTY 2017

Open shelves expose the American Black Walnut in this kitchen design by Jon de la Cruz for House Beautiful magazine’s Kitchen of the Year 2017. Weaving in wooden accents is a relatively quick and easy way to add warmth and these ceiling-high pantry shelves do just that.

Make Support Columns part of the design by wrapping them in wood
Wrap Support Columns | Design by Kitchenscapes

Kitchenscapes incorporated a support column into the design by wrapping it in Walnut to match the custom walnut countertop on the bar.

There are many different ways to incorporate wood into a design to completely transform the space. Whether it is intending to add warmth, storage or a unique niche, wood is a versatile material that is used to transform any space. See more designs by visiting the Grothouse Countertop Image Library and by liking Grothouse on Facebook.

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