Green Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Countertops

Shades of green inevitably evoke growth, renewal and life. Green kitchen cabinets were popular last year, and the trend remains popular in 2019. It was seen in booths throughout KBIS 2019. There was a wide range of shades, from soft sage to emerald to moody teal.

Green is one of the colors that are loved by many because it’s very relaxing and calming. Green is a color of nature, and there are many shades you can opt for. To take it a step further, designers often pair green kitchen cabinets with wood countertops. Wood is an organic material sourced straight from nature. The combination of green and wood create a naturally inviting space. What follows are lively, inspiring kitchens in various shades of green kitchen cabinets with wood countertops.

Green Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Countertops

Dark Pine Green Kitchen Cabinets with Wood Countertops in Chevy Chase, Maryland
Design by Libby Mullin

Punctuated by two Walnut wood countertops, a refreshing shade of dark, pine green lends quiet charm to this kitchen island designed by Libby Mullin in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The warm tones in the wood complement the wooden bar stools and the copper pendant lights.

Light Green Kitchen Cabinets with a wood butcher block countertop in Glennview, Illinois
Design by Past Basket Design

Past Basket Design designed a random mix Sapele Mahogany end grain butcher block for the end of this lively green kitchen island in Glenview, Illinois. The butcher block was designed for the perfect spot to food prep; located at the end of the island out of the way, but still close enough to the island sink for easy access.

The Grothouse Countertop Image Library features a portfolio of more green kitchen cabinets with wood countertops. Click here to visit!

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Mixing Kitchen Countertop Materials

Create a space with visual drama and versatility by mixing kitchen countertop materials. Choosing the right materials to mix requires balance and color coordination throughout a space. For instance, if you have a wood floor or wood ceiling beams, you could balance it out with a wood counter for seating and a stone counter for food prep. Conversely, if you have a kitchen with stone flooring and stone backsplash, you may want to consider designing a large wood countertop for the island to add some warmth to the space.

Mixing Kitchen Countertop Materials | Design Inspiration

Mixing Kitchen Countertop Materials on an Island with Wood and Marble
Design by Downsview Kitchens

Downsview Kitchens designed this luxurious kitchen to feature a large island with a Wenge wood countertop combined with a marble counter.  The contrasting colors in the countertops complement the slate blue walls and dark wood cabinets.

Mixing Kitchen Countertop Materials by designing two islands with wood and stone counters
Design by Kenwood Kitchens

Melissa Sakell – Designer, Kenwood Kitchens designed this kitchen to feature two islands. One island has a white stone counter, while the other has a Walnut butcherblock countertop. The white stone counter matches the white cabinetry along the wall, while the wood countertop brings warmth to the space.

Mixing Kitchen Countertop Materials by designing a dropleaf wood counter for an island with a stone counter
Design by Archipelago Hawaii

Archipelago Hawaii designed this kitchen to feature mostly stone countertops. To add warmth, they incorporated a Walnut dropleaf countertop to the end of the island. This creates the perfect place for additional food prep space if needed, or a place to enjoy breakfast in the morning. The tones in the wood tie into the ceiling beams.

Visit the Countertop Image Library on our website to see more designs with multiple countertop materials. Countertop surfaces can be tailored to functions, so whatever your style, there’s room for mixing kitchen countertop materials in your home.

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Romantic Kitchen Designs

When you think of a romantic design, you probably picture a bedroom, living room or a dining room. But did you know that you can make your kitchen a romantic haven? Romantic kitchen designs celebrate romance everyday with ornate details, elegant features and warm tones. Ambiance is the idea behind romance, so tones that wrap you up and warm you the moment you step into the kitchen are the key. One way designers incorporate warm tones into a kitchen design is to include wood countertops.

Romantic Kitchen Designs with Wood Countertops

Romantic Kitchen Designs with Wood Countertops by Jenifer Bouchard of Stuart Kitchens
Design by Jenifer Bouchard of Stuart Kitchens

Jenifer Bouchard of Stuart Kitchens designed this ivory kitchen. She dressed up the range hood with intricate details that match the kitchen cabinetry. A marble backsplash adds drama, while a Walnut with Sapwood flat grain counter with a Standard Ogee edge profile graces the space with warmth.

Romantic Kitchen with a White Oak Wood Countertop Design by Venegas and Company, Boston 
Design by Venegas and Company, Boston

This kitchen design by Venegas and Company, Boston features architecture and applied ornament that conspire to make the kitchen lighthearted and a touch theatrical. A French Baroque edge profile on a White Oak edge grain countertop complement other warm, wood tones in the space.

Romantic Kitchen Design by Denise Quade Design with a Peruvian Walnut Island Countertop
Design by Denise Quade, CMKBD, of Denise Quade Design

Ornate cabinetry, chandeliers and a Peruvian Walnut edge grain countertop with a Conventional Double Roman Ogee edge profile create this romantic kitchen designed by Denise Quade, CMKBD, of Denise Quade Design.

Visit the Countertop Image Library on our website to see more romantic kitchen designs with wood countertops.

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2019 Kitchen Island Trends

2019 Kitchen Island Trends create gathering spaces for entertaining and increase functionality of space in the form of multi-level islands and movable islands.

2019 Kitchen Island Trends | Multi-Level Islands

Islands are being upgraded with dedicated dining space that is set apart by contrasting counters in different heights and materials, a table base and built-in banquette seating.

2019 Kitchen Island Trends multi-level islands with wood countertops for dining and granite for food prep
Designed by Karen Schone of Designers Point | Visual Memories Photography

Karen Schone of Designers Point designed this multi-level island to include a Grothouse Walnut wood countertop as the table top and a granite countertop for the other section. The wood top is perfect for dining and the granite for food prep. If needed, the wood top can also be used for food prep.

2019 Kitchen Island Trends multi-level islands with banquette seating wood table tops and metal bases
Design by Richard Thomas Anuszkiewicz for Liebherr Booth at KBIS 2018

Ahead of his time, Richard Thomas Anuszkiewicz designed this space featuring a multi-level island for the Liebherr booth last year at KBIS 2018. This island features a built-in banquette dining area. The table includes a Grothouse White Oak Bleached wood countertop with an Anvil Ferrum finished metal table base. The countertops on the other sections of the island were supplied by Kelya – Natural Collection by Dekton.

2019 Kitchen Island Trends | Movable Islands

Islands are handy as prep surfaces and extra seating, but they don’t need to be set in stone. In 2019, movable islands will grow in popularity as they offer flexibility when entertaining, and can be designed perfectly for small spaces.

2019 Kitchen Island Trends Movable Islands with Wheels and Wood Countertops
Design by Jon de la Cruz for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017

This space was designed by Jon de la Cruz for House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2017. Grothouse American Black Walnut countertops and metal frames create the slim, movable island. The island ties in the matching Walnut wood shelves. and adds warmth to the white and black design.

Stay tuned as we release more 2019 kitchen island trends by following Grothouse on Houzz, Instagram or Facebook! View more designs including Grothouse wood countertops on the Countertop Image Library.

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Walnut Pastore Table designed by Amanda Needham

Our Custom Wood Countertops Blog features the industry’s most talented and innovative designers throughout the United States and abroad. This featured design includes a Walnut Pastore Table designed by Amanda

Walnut Pastore Table designed by Amanda Needham of Tradition Homes
Designer Amanda Needham

About the Designer: Amanda’s goal is to create a livable design that shows the personality of the client and her passion is the interior architecture of the home. During her six years working for one of the nation’s top designers, she collaborated on homes as large as 40,000 square feet and had a project featured in MTV teen cribs. Amanda developed a discerning eye for color, scale and form while working at Tradition Homes and Eric Charles Designs and earned her Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Interior Design while studying at Michigan State University.

Designer Tip: I typically wrap the wood waterfall top over standard countertop height, but we addressed the scaled the height of our clients and ergonomically it was best to design this waterfall top just below standard countertop height.

Walnut Pastore Table designed by Amanda Needham of Tradition Homes
Walnut Pastore Table designed by Amanda Needham of Tradition Homes

Design Details

Cabinet Manufacturer: Omega Cabinetry

Cabinet Hardware: Top Knobs

Flooring: Sand in place random white oak

Countertops: Cararra Marble and Grothouse Walnut Pastore Table

Faucet: Rohl

Sink: Shaw classic modern farmhouse

Backsplash: Handmade white subway tile

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117

Stove: Thermador 48″ range

Dishwasher: Bosch dishwasher

Other Appliances: Custom range hood from Raw Urth Designs

Advice: Make sure to address how the client intends to use the wood top so the best finish is selected. This client preferred to have the lowest sheen possible and this wood top will get light so we chose the Original butcher block oil finish.

Walnut Pastore Table for a Large Kitchen Island
Walnut Pastore Table for a Large Kitchen Island
Walnut Pastore Table with Matching Wood Columns for a Kitchen Island
Walnut Pastore Table

Check out more of Amanda’s work by following her on Instagram and Tradition Homes on Instagram. Learn more about wood Pastore tables by visiting our website.

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Round Kitchen Counter Corners

Round Kitchen Counter Corners are an easy way to make your design unique, add a sense of smoothness to your space. In addition, they make the counter safe for families with young children in the kitchen.

Round Kitchen Counter Corners | Wood Countertops, Butcher Blocks, Bar Tops, Tables
Round Kitchen Counter Corners

Round corners can be achieved by designing a counter with a round shape, such as a circle, oval or with an arc or curve. Another way round corners can be achieved is by selecting a round edge profile for the top horizontal edges, bottom horizontal edges and vertical corners. The roundest edge profiles available at Grothouse include: ½” Roundover¾” Roundover1” Roundover1 ½” Roundover and Full Bullnose.

Designs with Round Kitchen Counter Corners

The designers of these kitchens found creative ways to ease the transition from counter to walking zone. It’s pretty standard for kitchen island cabinets to run in a straight line. But sometimes, that isn’t the smoothest route. These two kitchens employ clever usage of wood island countertops with round corners. Though the solutions vary, each makes the nearby passageway feel a little more smooth. Could this be a solution for your kitchen?

Walnut Butcher Block Kitchen Island Countertop with Round Corners
Walnut Butcher Block with Round Corners

Haile Kitchen & Bath designed this transitional kitchen. Its large island features a Walnut end grain butcher block with an arched end. The edge profile selected for this design is an 1/8″ Roundover on the top horizontal edges and bottom horizontal edges.

Peruvian Walnut Kitchen Island Counter and Dining Table with Round Corners
Peruvian Walnut Counter with Round Corners

Kitchen counters with round corners are perfect for dining tables, like this one designed by Wendy Danziger of Danziger Design. This Peruvian Walnut edge grain wood countertop features a 1/8″ Roundover edge profile on the top horizontal edges and bottom horizontal edges. Click here to learn more about this countertop design.

Visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library to see more designs with round kitchen counter corners.

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Breakfast Bar Tops

Breakfast bar tops are a brilliant way to add extra living space into the kitchen. They are the little perch where you start, and often finish, the day. Most designers choose a solid wood countertop for breakfast bars. Unlike stone and metal, wood is a naturally warm surface that is perfect for sipping morning coffee or enjoying ice cream.

Despite its name, a breakfast bar isn’t just a spot for morning coffee and a bowl of oatmeal. This handy feature, which can be as simple or ornate as your kitchen is, fulfills multiple roles: a cocktail party buffet, a kids’ homework station, extra dinner party seating and more.

Most breakfast bars are designed to sit higher than the kitchen countertops, but they have been designed to align with kitchen countertops as well as even sitting below them.

Designs with Breakfast Bar Tops

Custom Wood Breakfast Bar Tops for Kitchen Islands
Walnut Breakfast Bar Top

The cooking and eating zones on this kitchen island designed by Todd Wiley of Tru Kitchens have been ingeniously divided up, thanks to different worktop materials. It’s a simple trick that makes it instantly feel less like a workaday kitchen and more like a multi-functional space. For the breakfast bar, a Walnut countertop was designed to fit perfectly around the other countertop material.

Custom Wood Reclaimed Chestnut Breakfast Bar Tops for Kitchen Islands
Reclaimed Chestnut Breakfast Bar Top

Designer Alicia Saso, AKBD, of Drury Design Kitchen & Bath Studio used Reclaimed Chestnut for this raised breakfast bar top. The wood has tons of ramshackle character and adds organic charm to the space.

Custom Walnut All Heartwood Breakfast Bar Top
Walnut All Heartwood Breakfast Bar Top

This half-wall could easily have languished as wasted space. However, Kitchenscapes saw an opportunity and put it to work with a simple Walnut All Heartwood counter, fun blue tile and bar stools that creates the perfect spot for coffee or cocktails.

Custom Cherry with Sapwood Breakfast Bar Top
Cherry with Sapwood Breakfast Bar Top

This large Cherry with Sapwood breakfast bar top designed by Kubik Builders provides plenty of room for sitting and gathering out of the main food prep space on the opposite side of the kitchen island.

Want to see more designs featuring breakfast bar tops? Visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library by clicking here.

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Kitchen Island Shapes

The most common kitchen island shape is a rectangle, but incorporating unique kitchen island shapes into your kitchen design can provide better traffic, more seating, entertaining, food preparation space and, of course, add style.

When designing a kitchen island with a unique shape, the materials used for countertops need to be considered. The luxury of incorporating a wood countertop into the kitchen island design is that wood can be crafted in any shape, style and design. Wood is not restricted like other materials, such as solid metal countertops.

Kitchen Island Shapes | Design Inspiration

L-Shaped Kitchen Island Design | Kitchen Island Shapes with Wood Countertops
L-Shaped Kitchen Island

An L-shaped kitchen island design takes the common rectangle kitchen island and adds some edge. Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath designed this modern kitchen to feature an L-shaped island. One part of the L is a White Oak Half Parsons Table, creating efficient seating space away from the busiest area of the kitchen. A Cambria Torquay countertop was designed for the other part of the L in this island, creating a food preparation space conveniently located near the range and other appliances.

Geometric Kitchen Island Design | Kitchen Island Shapes with Wood Countertops
Geometric Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can be designed in geometric shapes, which can take the form of pentagons or octagons or some variation of the two. Auer Kitchens designed this kitchen island to make the most of the space while following the shape of the kitchen itself. The Sapele Mahogany wood countertop was designed for seating along one side of the island and food prep space on the other.

Unique Kitchen Island Design | Kitchen Island Shapes with Wood Countertops
Unique Kitchen Island

Richard Thomas Anuszkiewicz designed this truly unique kitchen island with three different sections creating the ultimate kitchen island. A custom White Oak wood table with an Anvil™ metal base creates banquet seating on one side of the island. Across the top of the bench is another counter, creating a bar area that may be used for food preparation or serving space. Adjacent to that is another countertop with a sink, which can also be used for food preparation. This kitchen was on display at KBIS 2018 and features Liebherr appliances.

Visit the Grothouse Image Library to view more designs with unique kitchen island shapes.

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Butcher Block Knife Slots

Butcher block knife slots are a popular feature selected for kitchen counters. Knife slots are built-in knife storage custom crafted into a wood butcher block countertop.

Butcher Block Knife Slots for easily accessible knife storage and organization
Butcher Block Knife Slots

The term “butcher block” is used by Grothouse when referring to wood countertops built in end grain construction style. End grain is the premium construction style and our recommended surface for food preparation. Knives stay sharper longer when used on butcher blocks because the knife blades slide between the wood fibers, much like cutting into a firm brush. An additional benefit is that butcher blocks don’t show knife marks as readily as wood countertops crafted in edge grain or flat grain construction. Knife slots can be integrated into a butcher block crafted out of any wood specie available at Grothouse.

Knife slots free counter space by eliminating the need for a knife block. They are designed so that knives are easily accessible, but also safely tucked away so that young children cannot reach them.

Knife slots take many different forms, from a single slot to a series of slots that fit different size knives. Knife slots designed to be one long singular slot are more universal, as they fit different size knives. Designing butcher blocks with knife slots of different sizes may be a problem if you change your knife set in the future. Removable knife slots are also available and can be replaced with another piece when you update your knife set.

Designs with Butcher Block Knife Slots

Random Mix Walnut Butcher Block with Knife Slots in Irvine, California
Random Mix Walnut Butcher Block with Knife Slots

Cabinets Plus designed a Random Mix Walnut with Sapwood butcher block to include knife slots. The knife slots were cleverly placed behind the sink, making the knives easily accessible but also out of the way as to not interrupt the food prep space.

Visit the Grothouse Image Library and follow @grothouseinc on Instagram to see more designs with butcher block knife slots.

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Wenge Raised Pastore Counter in Home & Design Magazine

Home & Design magazine featured a simple and serene condo renovation in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Written by Julie Sanders, the renovation included a kitchen design by Sarah Kahn Turner of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath, Ltd. that features a Grothouse Wenge Raised Pastore Counter for the kitchen island.

Wenge Raised Pastore Counter in a Kitchen in Alexandria, Virginia featured by Home & Design Magazine
Kitchen Design by Sarah Kahn Turner of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath, Ltd. | Image Source: Home & Design Magazine

Celia Welch, the interior designer, had a goal, given by the client, to make the condo comfortable, elegant, chic and urban. The client’s main priority was to have one flowing, light-filled space. Welch and kitchen designer Sarah Kahn Turner collaborated to redesign the outdated kitchen. To achieve these goals, the first step was to remove the wall that separated the kitchen from the open-plan living and dining room.

The open-plan created space for a long kitchen island featuring a quartz counter, over which the Grothouse Wenge Pastore counter hovers with waterfall sides and room for four stools.

Welch stated, “We didn’t want the traditional look of a two-level countertop. This adds a little extra dimension.”

Wenge Raised Pastore Counter

Wenge is a heavy wood that has high resistance to abrasion and high bending strength. Its strong grain and subtle color variation creates its dark, sleek attractive appearance.

The Wenge counter for this kitchen was custom crafted to feature a Roundover edge profile. The Roundover edge profile exhibits a simple look to contribute to the simple and serene feel of the rest of the kitchen. The counter is finished with Grothouse Original Oil™.

Click here to see the rest of this townhouse renovation. Visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library to see more kitchen designs with a Wenge Raised Pastore Counter.

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