What Edge Profile Should I Use for My Kitchen Countertops?

The edge profile of your kitchen countertop may seem like a mundane detail when looking at your kitchen as a whole. However, it can make a world of difference to the look and function of your countertops, as well as the kitchen overall.

With over 40 edge profiles available for application on Grothouse solid surfaces, it can make deciding on an edge profile a difficult decision. Industry Designers typically select a profile that reflects the style of the kitchen.

Simple Edge Profile

Simple Edge Profile Kitchen Countertop
Kitchen Countertop with a Simple Edge

A simple profile, such as the 1/8” Roundover, exhibits a simple rectangular edge. Designers typically select this profile for countertops in contemporary or modern kitchens because it gives a minimal, modern appeal. Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath designed this modern kitchen to feature a large Peruvian Walnut countertop. The countertop features a 1/8” Roundover edge profile to match the sleek lines throughout the rest of the kitchen.

Ornate Edge Profile

Ornate Edge Profile Kitchen Countertop
Kitchen Countertop with an Ornate Edge

More ornate profiles usually carry a traditional air and a sense of warmth and personality. Venegas and Company, Boston designed this traditional kitchen to feature a White Oak island countertop with a French Baroque edge. The French Baroque edge is a very ornate, elegant profile structured as a stacking of a cove and bead and cove. The classical style of the edge complements the rest of the kitchen and enhances the old-world feel.

Designers may also select a profile based on the intended use of the counter. If a butcher block is being designed for a food preparation station, Roundover profiles are often preferred so that the edge profile does not take away from the function of the countertop.

Ultimately, selecting an edge profile for your kitchen countertops is a decision that comes down to personal priorities and preference. Check out the Countertop Design Guide to learn more about designing a solid surface.

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Wenge Raised Pastore Counter in Home & Design Magazine

Home & Design magazine featured a simple and serene condo renovation in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Written by Julie Sanders, the renovation included a kitchen design by Sarah Kahn Turner of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath, Ltd. that features a Grothouse Wenge Raised Pastore Counter for the kitchen island.

Wenge Raised Pastore Counter in a Kitchen in Alexandria, Virginia featured by Home & Design Magazine
Kitchen Design by Sarah Kahn Turner of Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath, Ltd. | Image Source: Home & Design Magazine

Celia Welch, the interior designer, had a goal, given by the client, to make the condo comfortable, elegant, chic and urban. The client’s main priority was to have one flowing, light-filled space. Welch and kitchen designer Sarah Kahn Turner collaborated to redesign the outdated kitchen. To achieve these goals, the first step was to remove the wall that separated the kitchen from the open-plan living and dining room.

The open-plan created space for a long kitchen island featuring a quartz counter, over which the Grothouse Wenge Pastore counter hovers with waterfall sides and room for four stools.

Welch stated, “We didn’t want the traditional look of a two-level countertop. This adds a little extra dimension.”

Wenge Raised Pastore Counter

Wenge is a heavy wood that has high resistance to abrasion and high bending strength. Its strong grain and subtle color variation creates its dark, sleek attractive appearance.

The Wenge counter for this kitchen was custom crafted to feature a Roundover edge profile. The Roundover edge profile exhibits a simple look to contribute to the simple and serene feel of the rest of the kitchen. The counter is finished with Grothouse Original Oil™.

Click here to see the rest of this townhouse renovation. Visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library to see more kitchen designs with a Wenge Raised Pastore Counter.

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Anvil Metal Counters for White Cabinetry

A popular trend in today’s luxury homes are custom Anvil™ metal counters designed for white cabinetry, especially the cooler-toned metal finishes.

Anvil Metal Counters in White Cabinetry
Anvil Metal Counters in White Cabinetry

The cooler-toned Anvil™ metal finishes available include Axel, Ferrum, Palladium and Argentum. Even though they are cooler-toned finishes, they are warm to the touch like solid wood surfaces. The cooler-toned look combined with the natural warmth is causing more and more designers to feature these surfaces on white cabinetry.

Cool-toned Anvil Metal Counter Finishes Available for Kitchen Countertops and Bar Tops
Cool-toned Anvil Metal Finishes

The Argentum finish closely represents the look of nickel silver, matching perfectly with nickel silver cabinetry hardware and fixtures. The Ferrum finish is more like the color of iron or zinc countertops, while Palladium is like white gold. Axel is close to stainless steel or pewter in color, making it perfect for complementing stainless steel appliances.

White Cabinetry with Metal Counters

Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Bar Top for white cabinets is curved and has faux metal rivets
Anvil™ Ferrum Metal Bar Top

Distinctive Design LLC designed a curved Anvil™ Ferrum metal bar top for this mostly white space. This curve was achieved because the counter is crafted from a composite substrate and not sheet metal. 22 faux metal rivets add character along the edge of the top.

Anvil Palladium Metal Counter for white cabinetry creates an elegant wet bar in a living room
Anvil™ Palladium Metal Counter

John Troxell of Wood-Mode, Inc. designed an Anvil™ Palladium metal counter for this wet bar with white cabinetry. The counter complements the appliances and cabinet hardware.

Anvil™ Palladium Metal Top

Kitchenscapes designed an Anvil™ Palladium metal top for white cabinetry in this space. The metal top creates a safe place to set china and glassware, as well as matching the cabinet hardware.

To see more metal counters designed for white cabinetry, visit the Grothouse Image Library.

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Stained White Oak Countertop for Gold Award-Winning Kitchen

A modern prairie-style home in Grand Rapids, Michigan won a Gold Award for custom kitchen design at the NAHB Best in American Living awards. In addition to this gold award-winning kitchen design, the home was the headliner of the 2017 Spring Parade of Homes.

Award-Winning Kitchen for Modern Prairie Style Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan includes Stained White Oak Countertop by Grothouse
Award-Winning Kitchen | Photography by Chuck Heiney

The $1M-plus house is the result of a beautiful collaboration between Architect/Designer, 42 North – Architecture + DesignBuilder BDR Executive Custom Homes, Inc.Interior Designer Christine DiMariaInterior Merchandiser Tru Kitchens and Landscape Architect/Designer Twin Lakes Nursery.

Award-Winning Kitchen Details

Gold Award-Winning Kitchen Design Details for Modern Prairie Style home in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Gold Award-Winning Kitchen Design Details

The clients wanted the design of their home to emphasize its forest-framed views of the river. Understated earth tones, light colors, Fon du Lac stone and wood accents also play off the home’s surroundings creating a home that truly embodies modern indoor-outdoor living.

Stained White Oak Countertop Custom Crafted by Grothouse for Award Winning Kitchen in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Stained White Oak Countertop Custom Crafted by Grothouse

A custom Stained White Oak wood countertop was crafted for the kitchen island to accompany a quartz counter. The countertop was crafted 1-3/4 inches thick in Edge Grain construction style. Skillfully crafted so all the grain runs in the same direction, this countertop is finished with Durata® Waterproof Permanent Finish in Matte sheen.

Visit the Grothouse Image Library to see more award-winning kitchen designs featuring custom wood countertops.

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