Grothouse Introduces 3D Printing

Grothouse introduces 3D printing to the shop. This printing process permits the crafting of unique prototype of custom items requested by our creative clients.

Grothouse Introduces 3D Printing
Grothouse Introduces 3D Printing

Our engineer Steve demonstrates the innovative process to craft a wood record player tonearm prototype.

The 3D printer uses a flexible, strong plastic material through a very small tip and puts it out in a pattern layer by layer. The machine goes back and forth layer by layer printing out exactly what we want before it goes all together.

Once the part is done building, it is removed from the support layer. This particular part is too big for the printer, so we had to build it in two pieces. The parts are built with two separate joints that fit perfectly together to create one solid, functional piece.

Grothouse Introduces 3D Printing with Perfect Joints
A perfect joint is created to join the two pieces.

The customer will get the 3D printed example of the tonearm and try it out to see how well it works. If everything goes well the customer will return the example to us and we will craft the entire piece out of wood.

This allows us to reduce our overall costs to the customer and allows us to make sure that it fits properly and functions properly and the overall form is what the customer wants before making it out of wood.

To watch the video of the 3D printer creating the record player tonearm, click here.

Peruvian Walnut Counter top designed by Denise Quade Design

Our Custom Wood Countertops Blog features the industry’s most talented and innovative designers throughout the United States and abroad. This featured kitchen includes a Peruvian Walnut Counter top designed by Denise Quade of Denise Quade Design.

Denise Quade of Denise Quade Design
Denise Quade of Denise Quade Design

About the Designer: Denise is especially known for putting her degree in interior design and 38 years of experience to work creating highly personalized and functional kitchens. Her bathrooms, home offices, family rooms, and bedrooms have garnered recognition as well. In 2010 she earned her CMKBD, one of only three in Wisconsin holding the esteemed certification. Through every project, large or small, Denise maintains her commitment to giving each client her best. Each client benefits from her talent, her time, her expertise, and her dedication to incomparable service.

A Tip from Denise: Really think about how you want your kitchen to function before you start thinking about how you want it to look. This client is a baker with very specific storage requirements so that drove the design of the island.

Peruvian Walnut Counter top designed by Denise Quade Design
Peruvian Walnut Counter top designed by Denise Quade Design

Design Details

Cabinet Manufacturer: Brookhaven Frameless Cabinets by Wood-Mode

Cabinet Hardware: Top Knobs

Flooring: Original Oak, Refinished onsite

Countertops: Torquay by Cambria; Peruvian Walnut Counter top finished with Grothouse Original Oil™

Sink: Main – Elkay EFRU311610, Prep – Elkay EFRU131610

Backsplash: 2 x 12 Glass Tile by DalTile

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Sidewalk Gray 2133-60

Stove: GE Monogram Dual Fuel ZDP366NPSS & GE Monogram ZET1PMSS

Dishwasher: Bosch

Other Appliances: GE Monogram Refrigerator ZISS480NXSS

Additional Comments and Advice: Don’t be afraid to lose your traditional table in the dining area of your kitchen. Expanding your island to serve as a seating area gives you the best of both worlds: more work space and a place you can gather for every day meals with your family. It creates a welcoming atmosphere that invites everyone to gather in the kitchen while the meals are being prepared.

Peruvian Walnut Counter top for a kitchen island
Peruvian Walnut Countertop for a kitchen island
Peruvian Walnut Kitchen Island Countertop
Peruvian Walnut Kitchen Island Countertop
Peruvian Walnut Counter top for a large kitchen island
Peruvian Walnut Counter top for a large kitchen island

View additional designs by Denise Quade Design on their website, Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. To see more designs including a Peruvian Walnut Counter top, visit the Grothouse Countertop Image Library. Stay up to date with Grothouse news and announcements by liking our page on Facebook.

Cutting Boards for Unique Personalized Gifts

Personalized Cutting Boards by Grothouse
Personalized Cutting Boards by Grothouse

Cutting boards crafted by Grothouse make the perfect unique personalized gifts for anyone – including family, friends, and even clients – because they can be customized for anyone’s taste and budget.

Designing Cutting Boards for Unique Personalized Gifts

Designing cutting boards is easy when they are crafted by Grothouse because they can include a multitude of features – including laser engraving, edge profiles, and more.

Anything can be engraved into a cutting board crafted by Grothouse. This is a major reason as to why they are such great gifts for clients. A company logo can be engraved as well as the client’s name if desired. Showcase Kitchens designed this cutting board to feature their company logo.

Personalized Cutting Boards for Companies
Personalized Cutting Boards for Companies

The Fisher Group designed the cutting board featured below to include their company logo in the upper left hand corner and “Habitable Art” in a different font style in the bottom right hand corner. This design is clever because it is not only personal, but also leaves plenty of space on the surface for food preparation.

The Fisher Group Personalized Cutting Board
The Fisher Group Personalized Wood Cutting Board

A special quote or design can be engraved on the cutting board for a family member or friend. The design does not have to be engraved on the top of the board. Designs can be engraved on the sides or even the back of the cutting board. One client had a cutting board custom crafted for their sister with engraving of their sister’s name on the front side.

Cutting Boards make Unique Personalized Gifts
Cutting Boards make Unique Personalized Gifts

Custom cutting boards make for great event giveaway gifts as well. Cutting boards can be purchased in bulk and prepared for your event. Engrave the cutting board with event information or add a ribbon with a nice tag to each board that is given away. Grothouse has crafted cutting boards for events by House Beautiful magazine, Lehigh Valley Style magazine, and many more.

Juice grooves can also be engraved into any cutting board. Juice grooves are a great feature because they collect fluids from cutting meat, vegetables and fruits to avoid drippings onto the floor or countertop. Juice grooves can be added in a simple design, like along the edges of the cutting board, or they can be added as a more complex design like the tree pictured below.

Unique Personalized Gifts Cutting Boards with Juice Grooves
Personalized Cutting Boards with Juice Grooves

Cutting boards can be custom crafted out of any wood specie. By choosing a cutting board crafted by Grothouse, you know you are receiving a board built out of the finest quality wood, no matter the specie.

To keep the overall appearance of the wood cutting board simple, choose a classic edge profile like the Roundover. For a more dramatic appearance choose an edge profile like the Roman Notch or the Perlen.

Per request, Grothouse can add feet to the bottom of the cutting board to sit on so that it does not scratch the surface it is placed on and so that the board itself does not scratch.

Wood Cutting Board Finish

Personalized Cutting Boards Finish
Grothouse Original Oil™ Finish

Compliment the cutting board with a bottle of Grothouse Original Oil™. Our oil is the best wood cutting board finish for keeping the wood properly maintained. The finish is hypoallergenic and contains no Tung oils, permitting the entertainment of guests with no worries of nut allergies. It is also fragrance free and color free. When applied to the board, the wood may appear darker at first. Over time the color will appear lighter, as it looked before the oil was applied. Cutting boards should be oiled on a regular basis, depending on the amount of use and the environment it is typically stored in. Cutting boards need to be oiled when they appear visually dry.

If you are interested in designing Unique Personalized Gifts crafted by Grothouse, request a quote by clicking here. Please contact us if you have any questions about our custom cutting boards!

Butcher Blocks for Most Frequent Kitchen Island Activities

RICKI conducts a study among 1,000 U.S. homeowners each quarter. The research gathered is then made available to Professional and Executive level RICKI members. The studies gauge consumer sentiment regarding kitchen and bath renovations, planned purchases of kitchen and bath products, and other relevant and timely measures.

For this study, they asked the question, “Do you have an island in your kitchen at home? IF YES, How often do you use your island for the following kitchen island activities?” The data collected showed that butcher blocks are the perfect kitchen island countertop based on the top 5 most frequent kitchen island activities.

5 Most Frequent Kitchen Island Activities
5 Most Frequent Kitchen Island Activities from RICKI

Around three in ten homeowners have an island in their kitchen. Almost two in three say that they are frequently preparing food on their kitchen islands and cutting and mixing ingredients. Kitchen islands are also used frequently when socializing with friends and family.

In order for all of these activities to take place, the kitchen island must have a durable, comfortable, and inviting countertop surface. Grothouse Butcher Blocks crafted in End Grain construction style are the number 1 preferred kitchen island countertop surface – especially by chefs. This is because the construction style of the surface is kindest to knives and keeps them sharp. In addition, butcher block tend to be self-healing and most knife marks disappear after cleaning. After years of use, the butcher block can be sanded and re-oiled to look like new again.

Butcher Block Designs for Kitchen Island Activities

64 percent of homeowners use their kitchen island mostly to cut up food and mix ingredients. Butcher Blocks can be designed specifically for this use.

Butcher Block for Frequent Kitchen Island Activities
Butcher Block for Frequent Kitchen Island Activities designed by Plain & Fancy Cabinetry

Plain & Fancy Cabinetry designed this kitchen island with food preparation in mind. The island features a Sapele Mahogany butcher block with an overmount sink. It is in close proximity to the refrigerator, cooktop, and main sink. The butcher block size permits plenty of space for cutting food, mixing ingredients, and even serving food.

Butcher Blocks for Frequent Kitchen Island Activities
Butcher Block for Food Prep designed by Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

Butcher blocks can also be designed to co-exist with other surface types or use of food preparation. Stonington Cabinetry & Designs designed this Walnut Butcher Block to match up perfectly with the marble counter. The butcher block can be used for food preparation, while the marble can be used for eating and entertaining.

Butcher Blocks for Kitchen Island Activities
Butcher Block for Entertaining designed by M & M Design, Inc.

For purposes of serving food, eating, and conversations with family and friends, Butcher blocks can be designed to overhang the kitchen island for a fun seating area. M & M Design, Inc. designed the Walnut with Cherry Checkerboard Pattern Butcher Block above for entertaining.