Rustic Wood Countertops

Rustic Wood Countertops are becoming increasingly popular in today’s kitchen designs. Grothouse can create the ultimate Rustic Wood Countertop for any kitchen with two different resources: Reclaimed Wood Countertops and Distressed Wood Countertops.

Reclaimed Countertop design by Blue Bell Kitchens
Reclaimed Countertop designed by Blue Bell Kitchens

Rustic Wood Countertops | Reclaimed

Reclaimed Wood Countertops radiate rustic charm with their natural imperfections, which may include nail holes and insect scarring. Turning the reclaimed wood into rustic countertops is a form of artistry.

Reclaimed Rustic Wood Countertops by Grothouse
Reclaimed Rustic Wood Countertops by Grothouse

With their beautifully and naturally aged characteristics, the countertops add an organic element to any space. Their timeless appeal enhances traditional, transitional and contemporary designs. At Grothouse, our salvaged reclaimed wood is predominantly from antique Pennsylvania barns. They are also recycled from reclaimed wood beams. Nothing says “rustic” like antique, reclaimed wood. The prevalent antique reclaimed woods available at Grothouse are Oak, Heart Pine and Chestnut.

Reclaimed Rustic Wood Countertops
Reclaimed Rustic Wood Countertop designed by Blue Bell Kitchens

Rustic Wood Countertops | Distressed

Distressed Rustic Countertops by Grothouse
Distressed Rustic Wood Countertops by Grothouse

For those trying to achieve a rustic, old-world feel, Grothouse offers distressing for wood countertops. This deliberate process is artfully executed to mimic the wear that naturally occurs on older chopping blocks and wood surfaces. Glaze and stain can be added to accentuate the distressing. When you think of the term “rustic” you generally think of a worn out, antique piece of furniture. Grothouse allows you to choose the amount of rustic distressing with five standard levels.

Distressing Level 1: Lightly worn corners and edges with some light dings and dents.

Distressing Level 2: Moderate worn corners and edges; moderate dings and light drag marks

Distressing Level 3: Heavily worn corners and edges; numerous dings; spotty worm holes and moderate drag marks

Distressing Level 4: Very heavily and unevenly worn corners and edges; plentiful dings; clusters of worm holes; plentiful drag marks and termite tracks

Super Distressed: Very heavily and very unevenly worn corners and edges; plentiful dings and notch marks; clusters of worm holes; plentiful scratches and drag marks; waffle hammer dings and circular dings; heavy edge nicks; termite tracks.

Distressed Wood Countertop design by Heidi Piron
Distressed Wood Countertop designed by Heidi Piron

Grothouse also offers another form of distressing, referred to as Hand Planing.

Hand Planed Rustic Countertops by Grothouse
Hand Planed Rustic Wood Countertops by Grothouse

Hand Planed wood countertop surfaces look heavily distressed to mimic the elemental wear of wood that is seen over time. The process in hand planed artistry is done very carefully to assure that the wear does not look “purposeful” or “factory made”. The warm, textural element of Hand Planed Countertops are another form of Rustic Wood Countertops by Grothouse.

Rustic Countertop with Hand Planed Distressing designed by Wood-Mode
Rustic Hand Planed Countertop designed by Wood-Mode

You can see more Rustic Countertops and many more designs on our Countertop Image Library.

Custom Walnut Countertop in a kitchen designed by Deborah Dyste of Souris River Designs

Our Custom Wood Countertops Blog features the industry’s most talented and innovative designers throughout the United States and abroad. This featured kitchen includes a Custom Walnut Countertop designed by Deborah Dyste of Souris River Designs.

Custom Walnut Wood Countertop in a kitchen designed by Deborah Dyste
Debroah Dyste of Souris River Designs

About the Designer: Deborah Dyste is the recipient of five ASID Design Excellence Awards for kitchen and bath design and historic preservation/adaptive use. Aside from the weather, returning to her home town of Minot, North Dakota, after twenty-five-years as the owner of her residential-design firm in Atlanta, was not as much of an adjustment as she thought it would be. “Interior design provides opportunities to have dynamic relationships with clients while suggesting solutions for their three-dimensional puzzles. Every client is unique and every puzzle presents different challenges. This project is a perfect example. How many clients require bar seating for eight?”

Clients say it best! “We recently had Deborah Dyste and Souris River Designs do some significant kitchen and bathroom remodeling for us. With Deborah’s design expertise and ability to view “the possible” we were able to turn an outdated cramped kitchen into a space that is easy and fun to cook in, and works great for entertaining our friends and family. She also was able to find a way to translate a master bath in need of serious work into an extremely convenient laundry/walk in closet and bathroom suite. Throughout the design process Deborah was very attentive to our tastes and what we wanted, and was always able to offer a range of good options for us to choose from. During the construction phase we really appreciated having Deborah as our “go to” person for coordinating schedules with builders, plumbers, and electricians. She was always very accommodating and easy to work with, and truly seems to love what she does.” (Tom and Barb Groutt, Minot, ND)

A Tip from Deborah: Lighting can elevate a good design to a brilliant design! The possibilities with LED are limitless. ‘Don’t scrimp on the electrical for two reasons: safety and it’s more expensive to add it later.

Custom Walnut Countertop by Deborah Dyste
Custom Walnut Countertop designed by Deborah Dyste of Souris River Designs

 Design Details

Cabinet Manufacturer: Dura Supreme – Lynden Panel – Cherry with Peppercorn Finish  for the ‘L’ and desk plus Moda Vertical, Cherry, Cashew Finish for the island

Cabinet Hardware: HDL – Key Largo – Oil-Rubbed-Bronze

Painting above desk –  by Walt Piehl, entitled Weatherly  Square Skirt with Coloring Book:  Cowboy Stuff.

Flooring: Columbia Flooring – Walnut

Countertops: Island – Grothouse – Custom Walnut Countertop

Kitchen ‘L’ – Caesarstone – Mocha

Faucet: Delta – Trinsic – Champagne Bronze

Sink: Elkay – E-granite – Brown

Backsplash: DAL Tile – Urban Metals

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore – Bennington Gray, HC82

Stove: Kitchen Aid

Dishwasher: Kitchen Aid

Other Appliances: All Kitchen Aid except for the Sharp microwave drawer.

Electrical: Task Lighting

Additional Comments and Advice: Provide your interior designer with visuals of spaces in which you think you could live comfortably. Be prepared to answer many questions. Then, utilize your designer’s skills and experience as an editor to tailor what you like to your space and budget.

Photography: Jennifer Kraft 

Walnut Wood Countertop with Sink designed by Deborah Dyste
Walnut Wood Countertop with Trivets and an Undermount Sink designed by Deborah Dyste
Walnut Kitchen Island Countertop by Deborah Dyste
Walnut Kitchen Island Countertop designed by Deborah Dyste
Space designed by Deborah Dyste
Desk in a kitchen designed by Deborah Dyste

How to contact the designer of this Custom Walnut Wood Countertop and kitchen:
Deborah Dyste, ASID
Registered Interior Designer
Souris River Designs
405 Railway Ave., NE ,
Minot, North Dakota,
United States, 58703
(701) 852-7605
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Learn how to design your very own Custom Walnut Wood Countertop with the Grothouse Countertop Design Guide.

Grothouse Waterfall Countertops

Waterfall Countertops by Grothouse
Grothouse Waterfall Countertops

Waterfall Countertops manufactured by Grothouse are the latest design trend in today’s luxury homes. They can be found in homes with any style design, ranging from Modern to Traditional. At Grothouse, Waterfall Countertops are referred to as Pastore™ Style Countertops. This style includes a solid wood countertop that is mitered to solid waterfall legs, creating the appearance of a continuous surface that blends into legs.

Waterfall Countertops manufactured by Grothouse
Custom Walnut Waterfall Countertop designed by Luxe Home & Design

Waterfall Countertops | Use

So is it a countertop or a table? The answer is both; the design can take form of a table or a countertop.

Waterfall Tables manufactured by Grothouse
Peruvian Walnut Waterfall Table designed by Venegas + Company LLC

Pastore™ Style designs can be used in several applications. They are often placed over kitchen island cabinets or used as tables or desks. They can be fixed in a permanent place, or installed with casters to create a movable surface for additional counter space. Adding casters to a Pastore Countertop™ creates a mobile kitchen work table for food preparation or seating.

Movable Waterfall Countertops manufactured by Grothouse
Waterfall Countertop on Casters for an easily movable food preparation surface or seating area

Waterfall Countertops | Construction

Pastore™ Style Countertops can be constructed in any wood specie. They can have any edge profile, but clients often choose a Roundover for a clean, sleek appearance.

Walnut Waterfall Countertops in a Modern Kitchen
Walnut Waterfall Countertop designed by Griffey Remodeling

Pastore™ Waterfall Countertops can be manufactured in End Grain Construction, Edge Grain Construction, and Flat Grain Construction. Edge Grain Waterfall Countertops can have a miter joint or box joint.

Reclaimed Waterfall Countertops manufactured by Grothouse
Reclaimed Chestnut Waterfall Countertop with two mitered joints designed by KDW Home Kitchen Designworks

End Grain Pastore™ Countertops can also have a miter joint. The miter joint permits the End Grain Butcher Block appearance throughout the leg. Another option is to have a continuous stave.

Walnut Butcher Block Waterfall Countertop
Walnut Butcher Block Waterfall Countertop designed by Vesta

Waterfall Countertops | Finish

End Grain Pastore™ Countertops must be finished with Grothouse Original Oil. Grothouse Original Oil Finish is the best product for keeping butcher blocks and wood countertops properly maintained. The Original Oil™ is pure mineral oil and is used for lasting protection on wood surfaces. It is completely food safe and can be used on surfaces used for food preparation, including direct chopping. This finish requires ongoing maintenance.

Walnut Butcher Block Waterfall Countertop
Walnut Butcher Block Waterfall Countertop finished with the Original Oil, designed by Past Basket Design

When a countertop is constructed in Edge Grain or Flat Grain Style, it has the option to be finished with our Original Oil or our Durata® Permanent Finish.

Walnut Waterfall Countertops finished with Durata
Commercial Walnut Wood Waterfall Countertop finished with Durata in a Restaurant

The commercial restaurant pictured above has a modern design utilizing the warmth of wood. The Walnut Waterfall Countertop wraps down the sides to create legs to the bar top. The bar top is sealed with Durata® Finish. The finish is waterproof and flexible so no flaking will occur over time. Durata® is a commercial quality finish used in many commercial spaces for restaurant tables and bar tops. It is the best wood countertop finish on the market today and does not require ongoing maintenance.

The Countertop Image Library features more designs with Waterfall Countertops.

African Mahogany Countertops

African Mahogany Countertops can be straight grain and are typically interlocked. The heartwood is creamy white and yellow. African Mahogany has a naturally stunning color, but it also stains and polishes well. African Mahogany Countertops are designed in various ways.

African Mahogany Countertops by Grothouse
African Mahogany Countertops by Grothouse

African Mahogany Countertops | Designs

African Mahogany Countertops are often designed to be used in kitchens. The kitchen shown in the pictures below includes perimeter African Mahogany Countertops as well as an African Mahogany Kitchen Island Countertop. The design is very clean and crisp. The white cabinetry accents the bright colors in the wood countertops.

African Mahogany Kitchen Countertops
African Mahogany Kitchen Countertops
African mahogany wood kitchen countertops
African Mahogany Kitchen Countertops

Clients often pair African Mahogany with another specie or species of wood. The kitchen island countertop shown below includes stripes of African Mahogany and Maple. This is a unique look that still coincides with the rest of the kitchen. Hints of red from the African Mahogany can be found in other areas of the kitchen.

African Mahogany with Maple Striped Countertop
African Mahogany and Maple Striped Countertops

African Mahogany Countertops are also designed to be bar tops. The countertop shown  below is a mix of Walnut, Wenge, and African Mahogany. This is a commercial bar top in Alabama. This is an exotic look that is perfect for the commercial space.

African Mahogany Mixed Wood Bar Top
Walnut, Wenge, and African Mahogany Wood Bar Top

The laundry room pictured below includes an African Mahogany Wood Countertop. This countertop is stained to match the color of the cabinetry under the sink. African Mahogany is known for staining and polishing well. This has stood true according to this laundry room. The counter is sealed with our Durata finish is the most chemically resistant finish on the market and is perfect to repel spills from common household detergents including bleach. 

Stained African Mahogany Countertop
Stained African Mahogany Wood Countertop

To see some of the popular stains used on African Mahogany Countertops, visit our Countertop Design Guide.