Zebrawood Countertops

Zebrawood countertops are popular for modern and contemporary styled spaces. Zebrawood is a type of wood that can be found in Africa. Zebrawood got it’s name because of its resemblance to the stripes of a zebra. It has a strong early wood to late wood contrast. It is an exotic decorative wood. The grain is typically wavy or interlocked.

zebrawood countertops
Custom wood countertop made of Zebrawood by Grothouse

Zebrawood Countertops

Grothouse crafts Zebrawood Countertops in Flat Grain and End Grain construction. It is great for crafting countertops because it is hard and heavy. It has a Janka scale of 1575.

Pictured below is a Zebrawood Bar Top in Kentucky. This kitchen was designed by Creative Kitchen & Bath. 

Zebrawood  countertops
Zebrawood Bar Top in Kentucky designed by Creative Kitchen & Bath

This bar top is made in Flat Grain construction. Zebrawood contains various brown colors such as a yellow brown and darker brown. The variations of brown in the wood compliment the brown colors in the flooring.

Zebrawood can also be crafted in End Grain Construction. Also known as a Butcher Block. Pictured is a Butcher Block Dining Table.

Zebrawood  Countertops butcherblock style
Zebrawood Butcher Block Dining Table designed by Brandy Cohen of Dandamudi’s, Inc.

The table was designed by Dandamudi’s, Inc. We love this creative use of a butcher block. It can be used as a food preparation station for direct chopping. It can also be converted into a dining table. This design provides creative inspiration for small kitchens and apartments.

Zebrawood Facts

Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz used it in their vehicles. It can used for skis or tool handles. It is sometimes used to make guitars. It is generally sold quartersawn to ensure even lineal figure. It is also known as Zebrano, Palmaletto, African Zebrawood, Zingana, Okwen, and Allen Ele.

The Countertop Design Guide contains more information about Zebrawood.

Zebrawood Countertops are a striking statement that works well in contemporary and transitional designs.

What Kind of Backsplash goes with Wood Countertops?

A frequently asked question is, “What kind of backsplash goes with wood countertops ?” Our answer to that is, “ANY kind of backsplash!”

One of the best characteristics about wood countertops is that they can be designed to look fantastic in any style kitchen, bathroom, office – you name it. This being said, wood countertops can be designed to look fantastic with any backsplash desired!

Wood Countertops with Tile

Wood Countertops are commonly paired with a tiled backsplash. Pictured below is a Burmese Teak Wood Countertop designed by Blanco. This wood countertop is paired with Satchmo Sticks BB Blue GJGSSBBB, Artistic Tile Backsplash. The colors of the wood countertop add warmth to this design. The sink pictured is a Blanco Niagara Double Bowl #440160 with a Blanco Meridian 1.8 Semi-Pro Faucet#440558.

Burmese Teak Wood Countertop designed by Blanco with a Satchmo Sticks BB Blue GJGSSBBB, Artistic Tile Backsplash
Burmese Teak Wood Countertop designed by Blanco with a Satchmo Sticks BB Blue GJGSSBBB, Artistic Tile Backsplash

Another example of a Wood Countertop paired with a tile backsplash is this beautiful kitchen designed by House Captains, Inc. in Florida. The Maple Wood Countertops compliment the teal colored tile, as well as the teal cabinetry.

What kind of backsplash goes with wood counter tops
House Captains, Inc. in Florida designed this kitchen with Maple Wood Countertops and a teal tile backsplash

Stone Backsplash

Wood Countertops don’t have to be limited to a tile backsplash. Stone is used as the backsplash for this Maple Wood Bar Top designed by A Designer’s Touch in Maryland. The two natural elements paired together create an astounding design.

What kind of backsplash goes with wood bar tops
Maple Wood Bar Top with Stone Backsplash designed by A Designer’s Touch in Maryland

Wood Backsplash

What kind of backsplash goes with Wood Countertops? How about a Wood Backsplash! Mary Jo Peterson designed this Walnut Wood Countertop to include a Walnut Wood Backsplash. This polished design includes Plain & Fancy Cabinetry and Hafele lighting. This design was on display at the National Kitchen and Bath Show in New Orleans (KBIS 2013) in the Hafele Booth.

what kind of backsplash goes with wooden countertops
Walnut Wood Countertops with a Walnut Wood Backsplash designed by Mary Jo Peterson.

Wood Countertops can go with just about any backsplash desired. To see more designs of Wood Countertops with Backsplash visit the Grothouse Image Library.